5 New Tracks by Queer Artists You Should Be Listening To

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Pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done listening to music by queer artists. There’s so much new, exciting, and genre-bending music by LGBTQ+ artists that no one list can do it justice. 

Yet, we’re here to add new music to your collection.

From the Chilean electropop queen Javiera Mena’s all-lesbian-made video for her latest single, “La Isla De Lesbos” to the emerging Mexican electro-punk band Ex Primos’ newest track, here are five new songs by queer artists you should be listening to.

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‘La Isla De Lesbos’ – Javiera Mena

Mena’s latest single and music video, “La Isla De Lesbos” is a celebration of being lesbian. She said: “There are a lot of friends; they are all lesbians. [The music director] Miche is also a lesbian, so it’s all super lesbian. It’s a celebration of sisterhood among women.”

‘BZRP Music Sessions #51’ – Bizarrap Feat. Villano Antillano

One of today’s pioneers of the queer Latin rap movement – specifically from Puerto Rico – is Villano Antillano. Recently, she signed with Warner Chapell Music and said in a press statement: “Queer people need to feel like they can be their true, authentic selves, and I want to use my music as a channel to help inspire and uplift.”

‘girl ur so pretty’ – Ambar Lucid

The Dominican-Mexican-American artist self-describes herself as “bi(sexual) poly(amorous).” In a recent interview, she said: “I’m just here to empower the LGBTQ community, to be a voice, and to just inspire other people to love themselves for who they are.”

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ – Anitta

We’re featuring Anitta’s latest video to get you excited for the upcoming one. The bisexual Brazilian superstar is set to release a forthcoming track and music video with the legendary American hip-hop icon Missy Elliot. Anitta recently confirmed the news by saying: “Yes. I do have a song and a music video coming with the legend of all times @MissyElliott! I left my only day off on my European tour to come to America for only 24 hours.”

‘Vapor’ – Ex Primos

Ex Primos is one of the most exciting and eccentric emerging queer artists coming from Mexico City. According to their lyricist and vocalist, RIXI: “In our fight for basic rights and legal protections, an oddly chaste and sanitized image has been projected onto LGBTQ+ people. This song breaks from demure metaphors while unabashedly centering on pleasure. Our community did not fight for squeaky clean homogeny but for the right to be ourselves and to be respected despite our wonderful differences.”

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