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Disability Pride Month BELatina Latinx

Disability Pride Month, Celebrating Difference

When my psychoanalyst told me some years ago that my borderline personality disorder was a disability, my first reaction was to be offended. In...
LGBTQIA+ Latinx Brands BELatina Latinx

Celebrate Pride Month with These LGBTQIA+Latinx Fashion Brands

Pride is here, and throughout the month of June, you’ll see LGBTQIA+ pride displayed everywhere, in the form of the rainbow, and its hues,...
Telescopio BELatina Latinx

Voices of Pride Month and Beyond: The Awakening Named ‘Telescopio’

Editor’s note: Coming-of-age stories are dialogues or internal monologues over action and are often set in the past. This excerpt is that —  and...
Pride Month Capitalism BELatina Latinx

Pros and Cons of the Capitalist Celebration of Pride Month

“Happy Pride.” That’s been the message going around all through social media, and it’s brought a lot of feelings out. The inception of Pride Month...
Is DC Comics’ Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Actually Tone-Deaf? belatina latine

Is DC Comics’ Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Actually Tone-Deaf?

With National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) around the corner, it’s no surprise that all types of companies are trying to...
Black History Month BeLatina Latinx

Diving Into the Question of Whether Black History Month is Problematic Or Not

We’re deep into Black History Month, and yet, 95 years after its inception, there are still people who question whether Black History Month is...
Latinx Artists Instagram BeLatina Latinx

Meet the Latinx Artists Behind Instagram’s Campaign for Hispanic Heritage Month

As a part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Instagram partnered with Latinx artists to design those amazing stickers that started to make an appearance on...
Equality Gay Pride Belatina

Your Official Hetero Guide to Authentically Honoring Gay Pride

June is gay pride month around the world. Originally observed on the first Sunday in June, Pride is now a month-long commemoration, with many...
Weekend Recap: Second Gentleman's New Communications Director, Princeton Offering Free Tuition, and More belatina latine

Weekend Recap: Second Gentleman’s New Communications Director, Princeton’s Offering Free Tuition, and More

Happy Monday!  How was your first weekend with the latest Mercury Retrograde (among other retrogrades)? Well, we hope it treated everyone well. If not, head...
BELatina's Best of the Week TIkTok Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Cultural Appropriations on TikTok, New Moon in Leo, and...

Is it really Friday? Isn't it an illusion? From our chair and with lumbago we hope you had an excellent week. For our part, it has...
Queer Artists BELatina Latinx

5 New Tracks by Queer Artists You Should Be Listening To

Pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done listening to music by queer artists. There’s so much new, exciting, and genre-bending...
Wërapara BELatina Latinx

‘Wërapara,’ the Indigenous Trans Women Fighting for Inclusion and Respect in Colombia

In the traditional Embera language, "Wërapara" literally means "not women." The Amerindian people of some 350,000 people inhabit parts of the Pacific region of...