5 Plant-Based Soups to Celebrate National Soup Month


January is National Soup Month, so let’s indulge in our love for this particular subset of food, one that is associated with cozy comfort, winter cold cures, and legacies of recipes that get passed down through our family lines.

To celebrate National Soup Month, we’re featuring five soups from Hispanic Kitchen take their inspiration from the rich flavors of pan-Hispanic cuisine that you crave in the dead of winter and are all suitable for plant-based tastes, whether you’re a veg fanatic or are simply looking to follow through with your resolution to eat less meat. These soups are hearty enough as standalone meals and can be made in big batches, which will streamline your kitchen life, no matter if you’re cooking for yourself or for a full family table.

5Spicy Lentil and Spinach Soup

lentil spinach soup belatina

This chipotle-spiced lentil and spinach soup comes together in half an hour, making it a go-to recipe when you’re short on time. (Unlike a bean-based soup, using dried lentils doesn’t require you to do any presoaking before cooking them up.) 

By the way, lentils pack a punch of fiber, with a cup of cooked lentils containing about 15 grams of it — approximately half of your recommended daily intake of the nutrient — which can help put you on track to shedding any excess weight this year, as fiber-rich foods help your body moderate its insulin levels, support a healthy microbiome, and also increase feelings of satiety.