5 Plant-Based Soups to Celebrate National Soup Month

January is National Soup Month, so let’s indulge in our love for this particular subset of food, one that is associated with cozy comfort, winter cold cures, and legacies of recipes that get passed down through our family lines.

To celebrate National Soup Month, we’re featuring five soups from Hispanic Kitchen take their inspiration from the rich flavors of pan-Hispanic cuisine that you crave in the dead of winter and are all suitable for plant-based tastes, whether you’re a veg fanatic or are simply looking to follow through with your resolution to eat less meat. These soups are hearty enough as standalone meals and can be made in big batches, which will streamline your kitchen life, no matter if you’re cooking for yourself or for a full family table.

4Ancho-Spiced Butternut Squash Soup


Use up your stash of winter veg with this butternut squash soup, tinged with the warm smokiness of ancho chiles. You might want to keep this recipe pinned to your fridge, as it’s highly adaptable to whatever you have in your kitchen: You can use any type of winter squash that you have on hand. Plus, you can make it vegan by subbing out butter and milk for oil and a plant-based substitution like coconut or almond milk.