Top 5 Tips to Stay Organized Beyond Spring Cleaning Season

Top 5 Tips to Stay Organized Beyond Spring Cleaning Season Belatina news
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The word “spring” often conjures images of fresh, dewy greenery and blooming flowers. It is also a time when many of us are thinking of our personal restoration. Naturally, many of us use this season to tend to tasks that will clear our minds and get us going for the following months. 

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons for the popularity of spring cleaning. 

Though our minds may gravitate towards thinking of soapy buckets of water and a messy house with piles of random objects everywhere, you don’t have to engage in this cliche version of spring cleaning. Instead, try breaking down your cleaning tasks, for example, by focusing on the organizational portion first. 

Since we know that organizing is an art form, we share our top five spring cleaning and organizing tips you can use this season. 

Pay attention to your closets

Sorting a closet can be a hassle but well worth the effort in the end. Once you’ve mustered enough energy to go through it, you must choose clothing items to donate. Have a few bags handy, so you can toss the clothes in them as you go through your closet. 

Afterward, start placing similar clothing items together, which means work pants with work pants, dresses with dresses, and so forth. In the end, this tedious organizational task will leave you feeling relieved and give you the opportunity to give back to the community by donating your pre-loved clothes. 

Think beyond your home 

Aside from our houses, many of us spend a lot of time in our cars. From commuting to work to the grocery store to picking up the kids from school, you can almost say cars are second homes. Keeping your car organized is not only good for spring cleaning purposes, but it is a tip we encourage you to carry out year-long. 

Also, try organizing your trunk with storage bins. Though car-specific storage bins exist, any sturdy tote will do. Use these bins to pack away your children’s backpacks and sports equipment as equipment from school as you’re driving them to their next destination, your groceries, and any items you may deem vital, such as umbrellas and raincoats. This will keep you and your family organized, leaving you to enjoy the ride together!

Your fridge deserves some care, too

When was the last time you went through your fridge and freezer and truly dug into everything in it? It is common for people to leave leftovers and frozen meals to go bad way after their shelf or expiration date. 

To organize your fridge in the best way, toss anything no longer consumable. Then, remove all the items from the refrigerator, shelf by shelf, so that you can wipe them down. Place anything that will be expiring soon towards the front so that your kids and the rest of the family can easily reach for those first. Try to rotate the foods in your fridge at least once a week. 

Put things back in their place

This organizational tip might sound like the simplest, but it is the one people skip most of the time. You have to actively remind yourself and your family to return everything as soon as they are done using it. Otherwise, you risk your home becoming a haven for clutter. 

For instance, place shoes back in the closet at the end of the day, put the dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, take all the cups you may have next to you on your nightstand to the kitchen (and wash them), and anything else that may give the illusion that your home is messy. You’ll realize how life-changing engaging in this task is as soon as you start.  

Make Time to Smell the Roses

Now that you can easily find your picnic essentials in your newly organized home, take the kids for a picnic at the park!

Once you’ve organized the physical aspects of your life, take a mental health break! Spring is full of beautiful colors and opportunities for new beginnings, take a beat to take it all in and celebrate all that you have accomplished as a family.

Remember, it’s not just about the destination…it’s about the journey!

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