Best Food Tour In Bangkok With Dreams and Heels

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city, the capital of Thailand, where there are plenty of things to do, lots of shopping opportunities, foodie stops, and amazing rooftop bars/lounges.

BeLatina Travel, Olga Maria of Dreams in Heels goes on a morning street food tour in Bangkok, with A Chef’s Tour. This tour is for adventurous eaters who enjoy what locals eat. The tour starts in Siam pier and includes a long boat ride, which takes you to an old town district that’s very local, not touristic at all.

Olga explores the area with the knowledgeable tour guides, indulging in the amazingly tasty local food while also learning about the neighborhood, its history and, most importantly, about the way the locals eat.

One sample menu included a taste of delicious silky udon noodles smothered in rich beef stew at a traditional and very old 4thgeneration Hokkien family restaurant (this restaurant won an award akin to Michelin star but for Thailand), crispy papaya salad, crispy shrimp crepes, egg century, Chinese chive omelette, Thai sausage, banana fritters, many different Thai fruits, desserts to choose from, and much more. This episode includes getting lost along the backend streets of Bangkok with mouthwatering aromas perfect for jump-starting your appetite.

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