Stacey Abrams, Launching Fair Fight 2020, Says She’s Open to Becoming Our Vice President

Stacey Abrams
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Ever since Stacey Abrams refused to concede Georgia’s gubernatorial race to her opponent Brian Kemp, we’ve been keeping her on our radar, looking to see how she plans to effect change from outside of the governor’s office. Turns out she’s doing something bigger than running for President: She’s working to give power to the people through her latest voter protection initiative, Fair Fight 2020.

Fair Fight 2020 has begun to mobilize teams of Democrats who will ensure that every vote counts in battleground states all across the country. The plan, essentially, is to ensure that the voting process has accountability at all levels so that, come Election Day, every eligible voter has the unfettered opportunity to have their vote counted. “What we’re going to do through Fair Fight 2020 is we’re going to fight back,” Abrams told AP News. “But we’re fighting early. We’re doing this now. We’re not waiting until we have a nominee. Because no matter who the Democratic nominee is — they’re going to win Georgia.”

Over the weekend, Abrams also spoke to CBS This Morning, standing behind her refusal to concede the Georgia election to Governor Brian Kemp. “Concession means to say that the process was fair, but when I run an organization that in 10 days between election night and the night I refuse to concede we receive more than 50,000 phone calls for people who were denied the right to vote I am complicit if I say that that system is fair,” she explained, emphasizing that voter suppression is real and has had a tangible effect on the electorate. 

Elaborating on how voter suppression works, she told Linsey Davis of This Week that it has gone “underground.” “It’s no longer hoses and laws that say you cannot vote, it is this insidious nature that says it’s race neutral, that we’re just putting in these laws in place for everyone, but we know it has a disproportionate effect on the communities that have long been marginalized.” She also threw her supporters a juicy bone; when asked if she would like to vice president, she replied, “I am open to the conversation.” 

So, I guess you can officially start considering Abrams a viable option for your dream Democratic ticket. Until then, if you live in a battleground state — including 20 states across the Midwest and Southeast — you can support Abrams by joining Fair Fight 2020’s mission to protect voting rights for your community.

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