Bomba Estéreo Collaborates With Bad Bunny in ‘Ojitos Lindos’

Bomba Estéreo Bad Bunny BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Bomba Estéreo.

Bad Bunny took the world by storm last Friday by releasing his most eclectic album yet and repositioning himself as the biggest music star in the world. “Un Verano Sin Ti” quickly became the most-streamed album in a single day on Spotify this year, and Bad Bunny broke the record for the most-streamed artist in a single day in Spotify history.

“Un Verano Sin Ti” contains 23 tracks and runs for nearly an hour and a half. According to Benito himself, it is intended to function as a mixtape, to be played in the background while people are having fun at the beach or the pool.

As with “El Último Tour del Mundo,” the production is in-house, and its guest stars are drawn entirely from the Latin American music world, including Colombian “psychedelic cumbia” duo Bomba Estéreo and Los Angeles indie band The Marías, as well as a host of Puerto Rican rappers and singers.

The collaboration with our beloved Colombian band resulted in “Ojitos Lindos,” produced by Tainy, who previously collaborated with Bomba on the remix of “To My Love.” The remix has become Bomba’s biggest commercial hit, with over a billion total streams.

“I’m really happy with this collaboration,” Bomba Estéreo’s vocalist Li Saumet shares. “It was a really fluid and natural conversation. Benito has such a clear idea of what he wants, and he is open to explore new ideas without fears. I value that so much in an artist. I think it’s important that the alternative Latin music scene joins with the mainstream to make music and deliver our message and art together.”

“Tainy worked his magic to build ‘Ojitos Lindos’ with Benito’s vision and our Bomba essence,” Li says. “Benito wanted a nice and pretty song, so we worked together in the studio in Miami to make a nice and pretty song, and I think the outcome accomplished that.” Bomba recently premiered the official music video for their single “Tierra.” The video stars Li Saumet and Lukas Avendaño, a non-binary Zapotec indigenous performance artist. “Tierra” was filmed in Oaxaca and directed by Fana Adjani.

Also, Bomba Estéreo announced the most ambitious tour of its career early last week, with 33 dates around the world.

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