Brow Queens: 15 Celebs with Goddess-Worthy Eyebrows

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IG Page photos: Cristina Aguilera, (Top Left), Rita Ora (Top Right), Beyoncé (Center), KMichelle (Bottom left), Amber Rose (Bottom Right)
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Eyebrows. They are the one feature that can drastically change the look of your face with just the pluck of a misaligned hair. Most of us have learned this the hard way. I’m sure you remember those days before brow magicians like Anastasia Hill, the Michelangelo of brows, was around to rectify our facial symmetry. Grooming our eyebrows on our own left many of us with brow mishaps from which we thought we might never recover.

But thankfully, the rise of brow aestheticians has saved the day, giving us a multitude of brow enhancement options from which to choose. Whether you wax, tweeze, thread or most recently microblade, you are able to get the brows of even your most favorite celebrities. Here are 15 celebs with goddess-worthy eyebrows who, no matter what our preferred style, give us a peek into the next brow trend.

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Brow Queens BeLatina eyebrows
IG Page photos: Rihanna, (Top Left), Eva Mendes (Top Right), Nicki Minaj (Center), Meagan Fox (Bottom left), Gabrielle Union (Bottom Right)

If the sleek narrow-shaped brow is your thing, here are five celebs that pull off this style with ease. Our favorite Barbie Nicki Minaj is serving us an effortless face with sleek brows that frame her face in perfect symmetry. Without question Rihanna’s natural arch compliments that sun-kissed golden skin with ease. Meagan Fox seems to have come out of the womb with drop dead gorgeous brows that only helped to intensify her piercing eyes. Eva Mendez arch is high, yet clean, which flatters her natural laid-back and unbothered style. And finally, Gabriel Union’s megawatt smile is equally matched by that twinkle in her eye and the ever so slight arch that hovers over it.  

Full Bush

Belatina Brow Queens eyebrows
IG Page photos: Amandla Stenberg, (Top Left), Cara Delevingne (Top Right), Brooke Shields(Center), Mila Kunis(Bottom left), Zendaya (Bottom Right)

We can’t speak about the full bush, eyebrows that is, without paying homage to Brooke Shields. She is the pioneer of making a full eyebrow cool and timeless. In the early eighties when thin brows were in, Brook emerged with naturally thick, scene-stealing brows that quickly became iconic. In fact, it was this very look that catapulted Cara Delevingne’s modeling career. It was impossible not to notice her striking face and equally striking brows. Mila Kunis natural beauty is accentuated by the thick arch of her soft well trained brunette brows. Amandla Stenberg brows reflect the fierceness that she represents, while Singer, Zendaya sports full natural brows that are reflective of her authenticity, allowing her beauty to shine through. Thankfully, if we can’t grow it naturally, we can at least give the illusion with the latest brow technique, microblading.

Golden Arch

Brow Queens Today Belatina eyebrows
IG Page photos: Cristina Aguilera, (Top Left), Rita Ora (Top Right), Beyoncé (Center), KMichelle (Bottom left), Amber Rose (Bottom Right)

The McDonalds logo comes to mind when we think of “Golden Arches,” but never in reference to eyebrows. Hopefully, none of us will ever have brows to match those famous arches, but rather more akin to the varying blonde hues of these five celebs brows, which are rocked with the utmost fierceness. If you want to give the appearance of a more natural blonde, a little eyebrow bleaching will do the trick. If you do decide to make a drastic change like this, we suggest you always consult an expert. For a less permanent outcome, brow mascara goes a long way.  You can work magic on your brows with the swift flick of the wrist.

“No brow left behind” should be our mantra as the science of beauty has evolved. This allows us to be on the same playing field with our top celebrity Brow Queens. There is no brow problem that can’t be fixed, which gives us the confidence to tackle any trend that comes our way.

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