Skin in the Game: 7 Celebrities Who Are Redefining Cosmetics

There are a number of celebrities with enviable skin, making you wonder if they’ve made a pact with the gods. Whatever the regimen, they keep us guessing. However, after years of having their face poked and prodded by beauty experts, some celebrities decided to share a few industry secrets.

They’ve always been the first to try revolutionary beauty products and played the “guinea pig” of cosmetics for years. This makes them an ideal source for knowing what works. They have endured their own frustration with their skin and, just like the rest of us, look for ways to meet their skin demands. Thankfully, some of them have taken a leap and capitalized on their celebrity status by launching their own cosmetic lines! Let’s delve into the minds of these 7 celebrity queens to find out what inspired their beauty line pursuit and the impact it’s made to us mere mortals.


Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty Cosmetics in September 2017, in a quest to fill the makeup gap for Women of Color. The first celebrity to try her hand at fixing this problem was supermodel Iman, who started her namesake line due to the lack of makeup options she had for photoshoots. It was this frustration that propelled her to move forward. Appealing more to the millennials, Rihanna took the torch and moved the concept to the next level by creating 40 shades of foundation and 50 corresponding concealers that covered the color spectrum, leaving no undertone forgotten. The creation of a line where darker-skinned women have a diverse color palette is ground breaking, especially since it took an industry newbie to meet this demand. Who better to capture that market share than a fellow woman of color.  


With her Argentinian parents, Katherine Von Drachenberg migrated from Mexico to California at four years old. Although she was born in Mexico, her ancestry is diverse, thus the German surname Von Drachenberg. Her admiration for art and culture came from the teachings of her Grandmother, who helped her garner her drawing skills. She grew up surrounded with so many artistic influences that it was natural for her to gravitate toward tattooing as early as 14 years old and professionally at 16. She rose to celebrity status when she starred in the TLC show Miami Ink, but combative relationships with colleagues drove her to open a tattoo shop called High Voltage in LA. That led to a spin-off with TLC called LA Ink that lasted four seasons. Shortly after, she launched Kat Von D makeup line in 2008. She once told Allure that “the 45 minutes it takes me to get ready is very therapeutic for me,”  which shows how meticulous she is with every beauty detail. Her most notable contributions are the concealer, strong enough to cover a face tattoo, and the liquid eyeliner with pigment similar to a permanent marker. Her line sold in Sephora, with controversial names for her lipstick like “Underage Red.”  She has a very strong-willed personality and vigilantly enforces her cruelty free stance, maintaining a strict 100% vegan policy. This means, there is no animal testing or animal bi-product involved in the making of her merchandise. Despite a few well publicized relationship mishaps, we could never ignore her talent for art and makeup. This sentiment was proven when Sephora crowned her a “number one best seller.”


Jessica Alba is known for being a natural beauty and after experiencing a deficit of natural products during her pregnancy, she launched a line of household products called Honest. The first year of business was wildly successful and incited a foray into makeup. She ensured we would get the best of both worlds, clean and effective. The standards of “clean beauty” has not been regulated, with very limited products on the market that are considered “Clean.” However, Jessica Alba leads the charge in creating everyday products that are safer than most. She’s especially connected to this cause because of her own experiences in finding safe products for pregnant women. Her passion for helping women with health and beauty was a catalyst for her endeavor as a business mogul; validated by making the 2016 Forbes List.


Jennifer Lopez, who makes aging seem like a walk in the park (that you hoped would never end if you got to look like her), has finally decided to share her secret. Let’s face it; we all waited with bated breath, hoping she’d make the product that gives her that J Lo glow. The reference to “glow” does not mean her fragrance, but the perpetual sun-kissed, always-golden, Oscar-statue glow, that seems to emanate from her effortlessly flawless face. Jennifer collaborated with industry veterans Inglot, known for their Freedom Palette System, where you’re not confined to a preselected kit with colors that you wouldn’t normally use. Instead, you’re able to build your own combinations that are tailored to your skin tone. This palette is comprised of specially formulated bronzers selected by Jennifer, with signature names that reference her New York state of mind. She pays homage to her roots with names like “Boogie Down Bronze” Bronzer and “Living the Highlights” illuminators. It goes without saying that anything she touches turns to gold.


One of the reasons Victoria Beckham stays “Posh” is due to her vigilance in taking care of her skin. As a celebrity, she has access to the best of the best, however, she still feels there are items missing in our beauty bags that she is willing to share. In fact, she recently announced she’s launching her own beauty line this year, but until then her collaboration with beauty giant Estee Lauder will have to do.  This partnership gave us insight to what Victoria will bring to the table. Her marketing technique is to engage directly with consumers, which she’s done very effectively as proven by the success of her fashion line, 10 years and counting. She plans to apply the same formula when her namesake makeup and skincare line debuts this fall.


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Kylie swooped in the game like a dark horse. We never thought Kylie Jenner would be on top as she takes a spot on Forbes’ annual list, “Americas Women Billionaires: 60 Richest Self-Made Women.”  She has transformed her image as a thin-lipped plain Jane to a pouty lipped vixen who seemingly has it all, just from launching Kylie Cosmetics Lip collection. In less than three years she has created a legacy worth almost 1 billion and counting. She used her story of growing up with beautiful sisters, showing vulnerability through her awkward years, as we all sat popcorn in hand, waiting to see what she’ll do next. It’s this openness that allows her to bond with fans, strongly appealing to the insecurities we all face as women. No matter our personal thoughts of Kylie, she sets naysayers straight with every trip to the bank.


One of the “beautiful sisters” with whom Kylie had to live, subsequently launched her makeup line KKW Beauty. Kim Kardashian West is considered to most as the Queen of Contour and selfies, so it didn’t come as a surprise that she would make her first product a contour and highlighter kit. We all became obsessed with Kim’s beauty process as no one did non-surgical sculpting aka contouring quite like Kim K. She taught us how to hide all the “flaws” on our face, in an effort to look more structurally pleasing. If nothing else we learned how to make ourselves editorial, fit for any fashion magazine. Whether we admit it or not, we all follow her beauty tips as evidenced by her 128 million Instagram followers, which seem to be growing by the minute.

No matter how you feel about these women, we can all agree they are trail blazers in their own right. They infiltrated the beauty world and became a voice for the everyday woman. They connect by sharing their personal beauty journey to which we all can identify. They are fearless in this endeavor, as entering the unknown can be unnerving and has a high risk of failure. This tenacity is admirable and we thank them for sharing their wealth, of knowledge that is!

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