Classic Reggaeton Makes a Comeback with Maldy’s New Song, ‘Tiempos de Plan B’

Classic Reggaeton Makes a Comeback with Maldy's New Song, 'Tiempos de Plan B'

Reggaeton is at its best moment. Though Dj Chombo, El General, and Daddy Yankee popularized urban beats in Latin America, reggaeton was something that was partial to the Latine community for a long time. Nowadays, it is safe to say that its crossover is stronger than ever.  

So, it only makes sense that reggaeton pioneers are using this time to bring the nostalgic beats of classic reggaeton into the light. 

Edwin F. Vázquez Vega, whose stage name is Maldy, is one of the urban reggaeton artists partaking in giving people the sounds that encompass the original essence of reggaeton. He recently released “Tiempos de Plan B,” — both on all streaming platforms and a music video for it — and it has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube. He teased the song on the website that is dedicated to “El Perreo de Antes.” 

The music video showcases uncanny early 2000s vibes. It mesmerizes you immediately with its catchy and nostalgic beat. Beautiful women are seen in every slide of the video. Although, it is important to note that there is minimal diversity in the video – something that is a key factor of classic reggaeton. (This doesn’t make it okay though.) The lyrics, as expected, are raw and vulgar at best – another typical component of the nostalgic reggaeton sounds many of us enjoy. Maldy gives a nod to some of Plan B’s famous hits like “Frikitona,” “Candy,” and “Choca” in the song.  

“Tiempos de Plan B” comes seven months after he appeared on Karol G’s “Gatúbela.” The single makes part of Maldy’s solo album, “Sin Maldy no hay perreo.” A release date for the album is yet to be announced. 

There’s no doubt that sin Maldy no hay perreo

Maldy was a member of the well-known Puerto Rican duo, Plan B, until 2018; they separated after almost two decades together. 

Born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, the urban singer jumpstarted his career as a solo artist with a feature on the successful Karol G song, “Gatúbela” in 2022. Similar to the other member of Plan B (and his cousin), Chencho Corleone, he is singing alongside one of the most listened-to urban singers at the moment, which accelerated his vision for his solo project.  

Around the time Karol G’s team called Maldy to record “Gatúbela,” Maldy had signed a record contract with Warner Music Latina. The record label was able to understand his essence, classic reggaeton with a stronger beat and a more industrial sound. This is something that is highly coveted by the thousands upon thousands who are reggaeton listeners.  

Currently, the artist plays with modern rhythms and lyrics, while offering nostalgia with his voice and rap style. 

Have you listened to “Tiempos de Plan B” already?  

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