Colombia Celebrates Sofía Vergara with a Statue  

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Barranquilla is set to honor one of its most illustrious daughters, actress and television producer Sofía Vergara, with a statue installation at the Malecón del Río. Now, Vergara is joining the ranks of fellow Barranquillera Shakira, who already has a statue in the city. 

This exciting announcement was made by Alejandro Char, the mayor of Barranquilla, during the inauguration of the Sector Nativo, the new recreational area of the Malecón. The Sector Nativo, a more than 20,000-square-meter recreational zone, is strategically located between Calle 72 and the statue of Shakira.  


During his speech, Mayor Char highlighted the significance of acknowledging Sofía Vergara for her remarkable career and her contribution to Barranquilla’s international recognition. According to El Colombiano, Char said: “Sofía Vergara is a champion; she will also have her statue at the Malecón. She is a woman who has elevated the name of Barranquilleros, authentic, a great professional, and we believe the Malecón is the perfect place to honor her.” 

The statue of Sofía Vergara will be strategically placed in the highly visited Sector Nativo, making it a key attraction for both locals and tourists. This move aims to consolidate the Malecón as a space that pays homage to the most representative figures of local culture. 

Sofía Vergara Continues to Win

The sculptor tasked with immortalizing Sofía Vergara is Yino Márquez, a renowned artist born in La China, Magdalena. Márquez has significant experience creating statues of prominent local figures, including Shakira.  

Mayor Char’s initiative is seen as a significant cultural milestone, further cementing Barranquilla’s reputation as a city that honors its stars and celebrates its rich cultural heritage. 

The tribute to Sofía Vergara is poised to be a highlight in the city’s ongoing efforts to recognize and celebrate the achievements of its most famous natives.  

The statue is set to be completed by the end of the year, but there’s no confirmed date yet

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