This E-Tailer Wants To Make It Easy To Access and Discover the Best in Black-Owned Beauty

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One of the heaviest yokes women of color have been subject to is beauty culture. For decades now, access to products that cater to the needs of our beautiful diversity has been hindered by the industry’s white monopoly.

That’s where AMP Beauty LA comes in, a technology e-tailer that makes it easy for consumers of color to shop and discover products made with their unique needs in mind. Founded by women of color, AMP Beauty LA represents the inclusive and diverse future of the beauty industry.

AMP Beauty LA is a digital store that makes it easy to shop and discover the best in Black-owned, inclusive beauty for all textures and shades. With over 50+ brands in its inventory, AMP Beauty LA is definitely changing the rules of the game.

AMP Beauty LA launched in September 2020, and its roster of brands includes lip mask brand Sistine, skincare brand Rosen and personal care brand The Honey Pot.

According to AMP Beauty LA co-founder Angel Lenise, a supervising video producer at Elle and the chief brand officer of the new platform, “Often when we shop for beauty, we have to go to different sorts of retailers, from your mass, premium, prestige beauty stores to your local convenience stores to your mom-and-pop beauty supply stores. There isn’t really a one-stop-shop where women of color, and Black women especially, can shop for all of their beauty products,” she told Glossy.

“We really want to be a space that speaks to every corner of what Black beauty is,” she added. “Another thing that we really want to push is that Black-owned does not mean that it’s just for Black people. Sephora caters to a wide audience, as does Ulta, as does Target because they monopolize these spaces. But we as a Black-owned company sell brands that create products for all textures and all shades.”

“To understand our aesthetic, you have to understand that American culture is Black culture. A lot of trends that we push forward and create, we don’t get a lot of recognition for,” said Montré Moore, AMP Beauty LA’s co-founder and CEO, who previously worked in luxury beauty at Neiman Marcus. “The power behind our aesthetic is gaining control of that overarching influence of Black women and Black culture and figuring out a way to create authentic messaging. That’s something that’s a huge white space in the marketplace.”

Check out AMP Beauty LA’s products here.

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