Full Moon in Leo: Boost of Confidence and Creativity

Photo courtesy of Belatina.com latinx, belatina
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com

Lady drama appears in the sky in the form of the full moon in Leo on February 16 at 11:55 a.m. EST, inviting us all to step into our larger-than-life selves! No more hiding as the spotlight moves through all the signs inspiring us to appreciate ourselves, take stock of where we are holding back, and self-express and create new ways to exist on this wild ride called la vida!

The full moon occurs when the Moon (emotions/intuition) and Sun (identity) are exactly opposite, 180 degrees apart. The signs in which both luminaries are in at the time of the full moon reveal where we are at odds or have tension in opposing aspects of our lives.  

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to release the past, course correct, and integrate the lessons learned. It allows us a moment to take a deep breath and listen to our most authentic truth without judgment.  

The Sun is currently in Aquarius (a fixed sign), the individualistic rebel and changemaker energy that wants to serve humanity.

Meanwhile, the Moon is in Leo (also a fixed sign), which honors passion, creativity, and is a place where we learn to shine our own light and create. 

The Aquarius/Leo polarity highlight themes we’ve been learning about in the last two years — namely community, technology, innovation, change, freedom, and the future. Collectively it’s an invitation to create new ways to honor our uniqueness while making sure that the global community is supported as we move into the future.  

During this sun/moon combo, we will want to show up for others and feel pulled into honoring our own creative process. This type of opposition will call for clear communication, setting boundaries, and allowing yourself the freedom to create and try new things! Leo is the sign of the lion — strong, proud, and confident. This lunar energy will lend all the signs a fiery boost! 

What sets my heart on fire? 

What lights me up from within?


It’s essential to refocus from seeing roadblocks to receiving the opportunities on the horizon! Exploring new possible relationships, dating, and offers to play more in your current relationship abound. This moon highlights your 5th house of creation, play, romance, and children. Have lots of fun and if you don’t want kids now, take precautions! The fiery moon supports your fiery sun, and passion is on the agenda!  


Creative solutions for family drama are at hand with this Moon lighting up your fourth house (home, family, roots, and ancestors.) Make sure to remain grounded as home and family issues surface during this time. Taking walks, eating delicious healthy meals, and being patient have paid off with an extra sense of fitness. If you haven’t started, now is the time, sexy bull! 


The Moon highlights your mercurial 3rd house of communication, technology, and short trips, so you’re going to feel at greater ease! Don’t overlook conversations that may not seem important, as you will be receiving guidance, support, and maybe whispers of the next steps through the people you connect with! Remember that the Universe works through people, so listen and be very clear with what you’re sharing as you set intentions this month with all you share! 


Self-worth and embracing your value are activated with this Full moon in the second house of resources, finances, and self-worth. Moving towards environments that reflect your high value may mean dusting off the resume and applying for a new job. If you’re worried about moving forward, remember all those times you’ve been stuck and how far you’ve come! It’s time to get paid what you deserve and to create more financial security for yourself through valuing and loving yourself. Explore savings accounts, investments, and other ways to grow and save money.  


You’re the main attraction this month, talented Leo! If you’ve had your head down imagining creative ways to move forward, you know, experience the Universe conspiring in your favor! Take that spotlight, sis; you earned it with every tear, every boundary, and every breakthrough you’ve fought for. It’s time to let go of the ways you’ve seen yourself and begin with a fresh perspective as the Full Moon is lunating your first house of self, identity, and physical being.  


If you’ve been napping more than usual or needing extra alone time, blame it on the Full Moon activating your 12th house of the soul, dreams, and the personal and collective unconscious. If it sounds hefty, it can be! You’re actually integrating grief, loss, and change while you sleep. Productive Virgo, it’s ok to slow down and not follow a detailed plan. Allow your soul to do what it does, surrendering to the knowledge that you are and have always been guided by Spirit. 


It’s time to expand your social network, and you won’t need convincing, charming Libra! This full moon activates your 11th house of friendships, community, and networks, so if you need support or expert advice, don’t hold back and get the support you need. You’ve spent time gathering people, supporting them, and now it’s time for you to receive! 


You’ve been working away with great devotion, and this moon brings the attention to your work that you’ve secretly been wanting! This full moon highlights your 10th house of career, success, and public recognition. Others see you as mysterious, strong, and strategic, and this moon allows you to be seen as all that and more! It’s time to bask in well-deserved praise and let your passion lead you. You’re getting closer to your work goals, so let down your hair and celebrate! 


You’ve always looked at the bigger picture, and this Full Moon guides you to take the risks you’ve been putting off! This moon lights up your ninth house of spirituality, foreign travel, and publishing. It inspires you to take that trip, press publish on that blog and follow through on those spiritual inclinations! Get that journal or voice notes ready because you’ll be receiving divine guidance with greater ease! 


It’s time to go deep and explore grief or trauma healing work. You’re used to pushing through no matter what and reaching your goals, but this moon says that you’ve been skipping dealing with some pain. This full moon activates your eight house of death, sex, inheritance, and transformation, and know this healing work will free you up to transform into the next level you that you’ve been dreaming of experiencing!  


The spotlight shines on your seventh house of relationships, personal, business, and contractual. It’s time to look at your love life clearly, open the lines of communication and get to the heart of what is happening in this area. If you’re single wanting to attract love, ask yourself ways to allow yourself to be more visible. Review contracts and see if they align with your current needs, and if not, explore updates on new business projects and closeout on situations that have reached a natural conclusion.


This full moon invites you to take care of yourself beyond bubble baths or limpias. This moon shakes up your sixth house of wellness, health, environment, and your job. Be honest with yourself, access your self-care practices, and upgrade where needed—sitting too much? Get that alarm set to move from your desk on the hour. This is a great time to release a habit that may have soothed you at some time but no longer serves your health, mind, body, or spirit at this time.

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