How Latines Root for Other Latine Soccer Teams in the World Cup When Their Country Is Gone

How Latines Root for Other Latine Soccer Teams in the World Cup When Their Country Is Gone belatina latine

Two weeks into 2022’s FIFA World Cup and the teams have already been cut in half. Only 16 countries are left in the world’s biggest sporting event. Sadly, not all Latine countries made it to the knockoff round. 

So, who do Latine fútbol fans historically support in times like these? Well, Brazil, Argentina, and sometimes, Uruguay. 

La Seleção has won five of these championships — the most in World Cup history. They were declared winners in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. 

Followed by Brazil is Argentina with three cups, and Uruguay occupies the third place of Latine countries that have won a world cup with two victories.


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According to Mexican sports journalist Noe Vasquez, it’s only logical that Latines support not only other Latin-American countries but all the CONCACAF teams, which include USA and Canada.

“Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay are the three Latin-American teams that have won the world cup previously,” Vazquez said. “Additionally, Brazil and Argentina have renowned soccer players in their teams. So, aside from being winning teams, they have athletes that have a huge following.”

The sports journalist added that the Latine community has a natural tendency to support other fellow Latine teams almost as much as if they were rooting for their own teams.

“There’s a lot of people who support Brazil, there’s a lot of people who support Argentina, and we don’t usually root for European teams. Why? Because they’re teams that don’t live the world cup the same way Latinos do,” Vazquez said. “It’s a matter of affinity. 

So, if your country didn’t make it this time around — my Mexico fought it until the bitter end! — the good news is you have other Latine teams to support. 


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While I’m a Mexico fan at heart, I also love my fellow Latin-American countries, and this time I’ll be sending all my good vibes to Brazil and Argentina. !Que gane el mejor

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