Celebrate El Dia de los Muertos With These Last-Minute Baked Goods Ideas for Inspiration

Dia de los Muertos Baking Goods BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Instagram @the_bake_happening

The beauty of Dia de Los Muertos is that families and friends gather to commemorate those that have crossed the spiritual bridge. They create altars filled with a variety of items, including food, or other symbols of their own tradition, to welcome the spirits of their loved ones. 

This day also showcases the different ways people pay their respect, and it gets more creative each year. 

Let’s take those who highlight their pastry chef skills by including baked goods on their altar.  

We found some people who wowed us with their creative and colorful Dia de Los Muertos confections. 

Take a look below, and you might even get inspired for your own tradition!

I absolutely loved the details of the cookies and the way they were displayed. Also, the caption may have tugged my heart more than I’d like to admit.

What better way to remember the departed than with these beautiful sugar skull cookies? They look perfect for any ofrenda! 

These Catrina cookies look as though your loved ones would enjoy them. Besides, we want to make sure we provide the best for our people on this and every Dia de Los Muertos. 

These Dia de Los Muertos treats are giving us everything! They are different, fun, and beyond creative. Who wouldn’t want to add these to their ofrenda?

Another batch of sugar skull cookies, and no one’s mad at that. The more, the merrier, right? After all, we need to make sure that the spirits of our beloved feel how much they are valued. 

It’s still not too late to get the baking going! If anything, let these accounts serve as some last-minute inspiration. 

Here’s to having a lovely Dia de Los Muertos and that everyone gets the respect they deserve — especially today.