Five Last-Minute Regalito Ideas for Those Short on Time This Holiday Season

Five Last-Minute Regalito Ideas for Those Short on Time This Holiday Season belatina latine
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If you’re done with your Christmas or Holiday list, good for you! But if you’re about to start: you’ve come to the right place!  

Familia, it happens. We get so tied up with our work life, and the next thing you know we’re a week away from the Holidays… and there’s no present in sight. Did you forget you’re not only Wonder Woman but Santa Claus too?  

Now, instead of freaking out and going all dramatica like I did this morning, let’s think of ways to make it easier on yourself. After all, you do have three days to figure it out. Plus, we can always arrive a little later on Nochebuena, ¿que no?  

From coffee to baking goods, here are five last-minute regalitos that anyone will cherish. 

‘Regalitos’ that will save you this holiday season


Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee? We’ve highlighted our favorite Latine-owned coffee shops before, but for the sake of delivery time, let’s think of places you can buy Latine-owned brands in person. For starters, you can always Google Latine-owned small businesses around your area. For example, if you live in Los Angeles (like I do), an excellent Latine-owned coffee place to directly buy coffee beans from is Café Santo in Montebello. If you don’t have that option, huge retailers like Target sell Don Francisco and Cafe La Llave.  


If you’re into alcoholic beverages, wine is a good option during the winter season. Though it might take further research, finding Latine-owned brands in your local stores is possible. 


Books are always a delight to give and receive. Bookstores will surely have a variety of Latine authors in store for you to choose from. For those who are in need of ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered  


Candles are becoming more and more common to give and receive – and we’re not mad at it. 

Baked goods 

Time is as valuable as any materialistic regalito. Why not make a Latine dish or good for your loved ones this Christmas? I don’t know about you, but whipping up natilla or arroz con leche sounds like a good call. 

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