How Younger Latinos Keep Their Families Stylish and Comfortable

How Younger Latinos Keep Their Families Stylish and Comfortable belatina latine

Younger Latinos are usually the go-to guides for their families. So, it is important to know what products are out there to make their loved ones’ lives easier. 

After all, we are the ones that understand how to search for quality items at (almost) the speed of light. Think about it: our parents, tías, tíos, cousins, and more rely on our expertise more often than not. Even if many don’t like to admit it. 



But as many of us assume this role, there are so many things we may not know about, such as the different ways to care for a family member with diabetes. 

What younger Latinos need to know about diabetes care

Diabetes is common in the Latino community. In fact, it is one of the demographics that get diagnosed the most. So, this brings an array of issues to the table.  

On one hand, regulating the disease is of the utmost importance. From taking the right medications to paying attention to dietary restrictions, there’s a lot to take into consideration.

Beyond that, health-conscious decisions can also include what your loved ones are wearing. I know it sounds weird, but let me explain.

Did you know that wearing the right type of shoes can increase a diabetic’s (or anyone, really) quality of life? 

As technology advances, more resources and items have become available to create more comfort that will benefit people’s health. These resources also include fashion, footwear, and more. 

We all know that the Latino community loves to look great, but sometimes certain health situations can compromise the stylish factor, which is a bummer for many. I would know. My tía would nag me about it years ago.  But the good news is that comfort can now be stylish. For those wondering: Yes, even diabetic shoes fall into this category. 

How often are the words “stylish” and “diabetic shoes” paired together? It doesn’t really happen that often because cracking the code to designing stylish diabetic shoes is quite the task.

However, Dr. Comfort® has made it their life mission to tackle this challenge. And they’ve succeeded.

The magic started back in 2002 in Mequon, Wisconsin. The founders understood that there was an opportunity for diabetic shoes, so they focused on producing them with style, comfort, and of the highest quality. 

Dr. Comfort®’s.ppearance on BELatina TV

To test out Dr. Comfort®’s orthopedic shoes, BELatina TV’s hosts, Karent and James, put on a pair in a recent BELatina episode. 

They strolled around with the shoes and immediately felt how special these shoes were. Best of all, they were excited to know that orthopedic shoes can be stylish and modern – all thanks to Dr. Comfort®. 

During the episode, he spoke about the benefits of the shoes, which are extensive.

So many advantages

Dr. Comfort®’s diabetic shoes and accessories will help support anyone’s feet – all day long – and it’s all because of their understanding of the latest technology and designs. 

These products are for anyone (diabetic or not) looking for a great pair of shoes, inserts, compression, or hosiery. They even use 3D printing to make the highest volume of custom-made inserts to meet the patient’s needs.

Their selection is vast too.

Are you listening to your abuela or mom stress over the right shoes for a special occasion? Well, they’ve got you covered. Or how about for yourself? Are you searching for a model for activewear or to wear for daily errands? They have those as well!

The question is: Where can you get a pair of Dr. Comfort® shoes?

Healthcare providers can prescribe an at-risk person Dr. Comfort®’s products or anyone can go to their website to find a provider. It is important to note that their shoes are primarily available through healthcare providers who specialize in foot health. Should your loved one qualify, Medicare or other insurance plans may help cover the cost of the stylish diabetes shoes from Dr. Comfort®

And as they state on their webpage: Proper footwear can help prevent more serious complications for those at risk of diabetes – so be sure to help your loved ones ask their doctors about this option. 

Remember, the collective knowledge younger Latinos share with one another can be a blessing to someone’s family.

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