Love is in The Air and ‘Somos Good News: Latinx Edition’ Knows It

SGN Love is Love BELatina Latinx

Good news keeps pouring in and BELatina’s video series, Somos Good News: Latinx Edition, is making sure we know about it. 

This week, Somos Good News hosts Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco bless us with high-spirited content that revolves around love. They start off by shining light on the newlyweds, Susan and John, who had an unorthodox wedding through a Zoom meeting. To top it off, John Krasinski married them on his creation, Some Good News. He let us know that love conquers all and Castro and Carrasco echoed that sentiment.

Carrasco and Casto continue on highlighting wonders brought by Bad Bunny, Winston the Pug, and Residente. But trust us. It’s all good and perhaps enough to lift anyone’s spirit during this pandemic. 

Love is the main component of this episode, so expect your heart to flutter with each news story. That was cheesy, but hey, all for the sake of good news. Right? 

Click on the episode and allow yourself to melt into stories that will warm your soul!

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