Meet the Latinas Behind Karol G’s Company, ‘Girl Power, Inc.’

Meet the Latinas Behind Karol G's Company, 'Girl Power, Inc.'
Credit: Instagram/ @karolg

Several months ago, Karol G gave her fans a tour of her office space for her company in Medellín, Colombia, “Girl Power, Inc.” Since then, a lot of people wondered what went on in her office – and if it was more of a recording studio.  

Being the transparent public figure she is, the Colombian artist decided to showcase her incredible team at “Girl Power, Inc.” via her Instagram Stories. From shining a spotlight on her sister, who she claims is the foundation of the company, to showing her appreciation for her office’s administrative assistant, she made it a point to highlight their talents. It is of note that Karol G’s team is composed of 95 percent of women; she confirmed this in her stories.  

The “mañana sera bonito” artist explained that her company has a marketing department, design, and even a department for her nonprofit organization, Con Cora Foundation.  

If you missed her stories, which were extremely sweet by the way, or didn’t understand them because they were in the Spanish language, please find a recap below.  

Meet Karol G’s team

Hello! Do you remember that at some point I presented my office to you and after that many of you were fine, and what happens in Karol G’s office? Well, this is not a record label. This is the office where we manage all my things, which are 95 percent managed by women. Today, to recognize the great work that they do, how amazing they are, I am going to introduce them to you here in my stories. 


Hi, I’m Mariana and I work as content manager at Girl Power, I design strategies for the company and other things as well with the Cora Foundation. 


Hi, my name is Cami, I’m a designer, I’m an imager for Karol, I work in the entire area of merch and special projects. 


Hi, I’m Molly, I’m the director of marketing and brands, leader of the entire strategic and creative team.  


Hello, my name is Erika and I am the manager of Karol’s projects, which have nothing to do with music and many things that I cannot tell you about right now.  


Hello, how are you? My name is Valentina Bueno, I am the director of the Con Cora Foundation, Karol G’s foundation, and our main purpose is to support women in a state of vulnerability. 


Hello, my name is Aleja and at this moment I am doing my graphic design internship and I work hand in hand with Cami. We make animations, graphic pieces, we did some karaoke so that they come and see us very soon. 


Hello, I’m Vali, I’m the merch coordinator and I’m in charge of making possible all the ideas that we have at the creative table, with which Karol arrives and we can have the whole machine in Karol G merch. 


Hi, how are things? My name is Estefanía Cermeño and I am the property manager and sales manager of Girl Power. I am in charge of administering and managing all the Girl Power properties and also managing the human talent here in the office. 


Hi, good afternoon, I’m Viviana Vergara, I’m Karol G’s office assistant and I help all the girls in the office. 


Good afternoon, my name is Jessica Giraldo, I am part of Karol G’s management team. I coordinate and articulate team and more.  

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