Meet Silvana Estrada, the New Face of Mexican Music

Silvana Estrada BELatina Latinx

In the same way that Natalia Lafourcade surprised us almost ten years ago with her tribute to Agustin Lara in the album Mujer Divina, Mexico has once again given us a female voice with unparalleled mastery — that of Silvana Estrada.

Born in Xalapa-Enríquez, Mexico, only 24 years ago, Silvana Estrada studied Jazz at the Universidad Veracruzana. Later, she continued her studies in New York, and her musical repertoire is an impenetrable fusion of the language of jazz with the Latin American imaginary.

Estrada’s tenacity, which translates into the temper of her songs, was forged by growing up in a city of just 95,000 people and inheriting the discipline and hard work in a luthier’s workshop.

In Estrada’s home, sonorities abounded and were as diverse as a Chavela Vargas and a John Coltrane. Years later, that primal ambiance would be translated into Lo Sagrado, the first piece on her first album, which featured guitarist Charlie Hunter.

Her first project, though prodigious in its composition, brought to center stage the powerful and unique voice of Silvana Estrada who, along with a Venezuelan cuatro, revolutionized the Latin American music scene and changed it forever.

Now, the Mexican star announced the first single from her long-awaited debut album, Marchita, to be released on Glassnote Records. Estrada became the first Latin artist to sign with the influential label that helped launch artists such as Childish Gambino and Mumford & Sons.

Estrada recorded Marchita two years ago, and she describes it as conceptual, “very focused on pain.”

As Estrada said in an interview, Marchita is the “classic post-breakup record” in search of healing a broken heart.

“I think Marchita is an album that portrays very well a specific time in my life. Time goes by, and you change. It’s normal to stop identifying with songs you’ve written in the past,” said the artist. “It’s an album I wrote after a breakup, so the vision of love I have in it is different from the one I have now. I consider it a personal journey that led me to be able to understand myself.”

Marchita will be released on July 30, and Estrada has already conquered stages such as the Royal Palace of Madrid itself in the meantime.

In fact, in the streets of the Spanish capital, Silvana Estrada is already rumored to be “the Chavela Vargas of the millennial generation.”