Nailing the Art of Interesting Manicures: A Primer

“Pick A Color” can be the most intimidating three words in the nail salon. You knew in your mind what you wanted, until you got there and faced the onslaught of overwhelming choices of color and techniques, instantly making you indecisive. You make decisions every day in your life, but somehow this simple task that you typically enjoy is creating unnecessary chaos in your mind. This is your process every two weeks, trying to narrow down the decisions which are usually based on your mood or the plans you have that weekend. You feel pressured because you know you’re going to be stuck with this for two weeks; you no longer do the basic polish due to your crazy schedule. You commit to a gel or dip powder manicure and knowing yourself, your vibe changes frequently.

But these days, picking one color is rarely the norm. Yes, there are times when conformity is warranted; like for a wedding or professional environment. However, even if you have to wear a uniform, there are ways to express your individuality without being the proverbial outlier. Conformity can be stifling and if the one ray of light to your week is getting a manicure that’s authentically you, we say go for it. There are ways to push the envelope while remaining in sync with a group. If you’re in a wedding party and the criteria is baby pink nails, go ahead and add a little piece of bling to that one finger. Maybe the Swarovski crystal you apply can be pink, to show your commitment to the theme while staying true to your personal preference. I’m sure the bride wouldn’t mind that slight rebellious act, as friends already know what to expect when they asked you to participate in their celebration.

The point is, manicures are the easiest form of expression and there are so many cool ways we can give others a peek into our “current mood” through our nail art.  Here’s some interesting ways we can express ourselves through our manicure.

3Gems and Holograms

Hologram Mani Manicure Belatina

Iridescent chromed-out nails gives the energy of “Yes, I’ve arrived and I’m fabulous!” because these nails are sure to make you feel like you have super powers, radiating light wherever you go. This look can be achieved whether you opt for a gel manicure or dip powder — the end result will be the same: a truly captivating pair of hands. Once you commit, the add-ons are what makes the difference. Whether you do the square or coffin tips, gems or none, you’ll still be a standout in any party. So go ahead, slide on that cape and send that bat signal.