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Tyga Video Latinos BELatina Latinx

Tyga’s New Video Shows Everything That’s Wrong With Latino Stereotyping

Rapper Tyga's new video is a Latino's worst nightmare come true.  In just under three minutes, charro hats, bullfighters, wrestlers, objectified and hypersexualized women, and...
Trans Latino Tik Toker, Miguel F. Pena BELatina Latinx

A Conversation with Trans Latino Tik Toker, Miguel F. Pena

Living life as your true self might not hold much importance for some, but for others, it is the ultimate driving force.  Miguel Pena, a...
Luis-Miguel Caraballo Juneteenth Afro-Latino Artist BELatina Latinx

Meet Luis-Miguel Caraballo, the Afro-Latino Artist Who Wants To Give a Voice to the...

There is nothing more important in these turbulent days than to continue to observe and celebrate the achievements of our communities, especially when it...
Guernica Latino Artist Ukraine BELatina Latinx

This Latino Artist Took His Version of Guernica to Ukraine

Beyond our borders, the world is also engulfed in tragedy and grief since Russia invaded Ukraine last February. While much of the international community has...
Sonic Terrains in Latinx Art BELatina Latinx

‘Sonic Terrains in Latinx Art,’ an Exhibition That Sheds Light on the Sound Creativity...

"When we separate music from life, we get art," said the famous composer and music theorist John Cage. Like many of his contemporaries, Cage...
BELatina Best of the Week Puerto Rico Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Latino-owned Brands for the Summer, Puerto Rico Status Bill,...

Ladies, TGIF! Here we are, ready for our respective margaritas to celebrate a week full of fantastic stories. Despite the heat that is driving us crazy...
Latino mental health BELatina Latinx

Study Shows a Lack of Spanish-Language Mental Health Services for the Latino Community

Talking about mental health in the Latino community is complicated. Between religious beliefs, cultural taboos, and lack of resources, opening up the conversation at...
Latino-owned brands summer BELatina Latinx

Four Latino-Owned Brands To Enjoy Those Sunny Days to the Max

Nothing compares to the joy of the arrival of sunny days. The desire to stay fresh and renewed, especially after two difficult years, is...
Celebrate This Mother’s Day With Gifts From These Latino-owned Brands BELatina Latinx

Celebrate This Mother’s Day With Gifts From These Latino-owned Brands

For us Latinos, every day is Mother's Day. However, in our culture, celebrating this day is fundamental. We love to pamper the pillar of...
Shared Roots Afro-Latino Festival BELatina Latinx

AfroMundo Celebrates the First Afro-Latino Festival in New Mexico

New Mexico is the epicenter of a festival like no other. It's "Shared Roots," an initiative of the AfroMundo collective that aims to cultivate...
Generational identities BELatina Latinx

Breaking the Myth of the Monolith: Generational Identities and the Latino Community

What marks generational differences in our community? Could we successfully identify the pre-RBD and post-RBD Latinos? How deep does the generational difference between the...
Weekend Recap Coachella BELatina Latinx

BELatina’s Weekend Recap: Latino Artists at Coachella, And More

Happy Monday, dear readers! Does anyone else regret not going to Coachella?  This weekend was definitely full of amazing pop cultural news. While I cried watching...