2022 Moments Where Latino Stars Uplifted Other Latinos Making This World a Better Place

2022 Moments Where Latino Stars Uplifted Other Latinos Making This World a Better Place belatina latine
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Love, empathy, and kindness should be spread all year round, and some of our favorite celebrities have this very clear.   

2022 was full of great moments for the Latine community. We had great movies and series starring Latine talent, we had the most exciting novels published by Latine authors, we had the best fashion looks, and of course, heartwarming and inspiring moments were definitely not left out of the picture.  

From actor Tenoch Huerta fighting for indigenous representation in Hollywood to Karol G spending Christmas at a children’s hospital in Colombia, here are five moments where Latino superstars uplifted other Latinos.  

Bad Bunny supporting boricua Olympic athlete Yarimar Mercado 

During the month of August, Puerto Rican Olympic Rifle Shooter Yarimar Mercado made an Instagram post sharing and thanking Bad Bunny and his non-profit organization Good Bunny Foundation for supporting her and providing her with a new rifle for better development and performance during the next Olympic cycle.  

Jennifer Lopez sharing career advice to Latina jefas  

In September, Latina actress and singer Jennifer Lopez made her way to the “Raising Latina Voices” event in Los Angeles, California, where she shared her support and advice with fellow Latinas that attended the event.   

E! News reported that JLo spoke to more than 400 Latina entrepreneurs who were present at the event.  

Bad Bunny sharing the stage with Dembow artist Ángel Dior  

El Conejo Malo certainly made 2022 his year. During the month of October, the singer invited local Dembow talent Ángel Dior to the stage during his concert at the Estadio Olímpico Félix Sánchez in the Dominican Republic.  

Dior comes from “La 42,” a street in Santo Domingo considered one of the most unsafe places in the area. Before becoming a dembowsero, Ángel Dior used to sell hot chocolate in the Villa María streets with his father.   

Tenoch Huerta honors indigenous cultures in Hollywood’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 

Born in Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico, actor Tenoch Huerta was selected to portray the character of Namor in the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, a film full of indigenous references.  

Huerta constantly speaks about the lack of Latine and Indigenous people’s representation in movies, advertisements, and TV shows — even in Latin American countries. The actor is a member and supporter of Poder Prieto, an organization fighting against racism in Mexico.   

Karol G celebrating Christmas at a children’s hospital in Colombia  

This 2022 Latina and colombiana singer Karol G spent Christmas at a children’s hospital in Colombia. San Vicente Fundación, a hospital in Antioquia, opened its doors to Karol G’s non-profit organization Con Cora team.   

2022 was a year filled with Latine greatness, and I can’t wait to see the wonderful things Latines will be doing this upcoming year.  

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