John Leguizamo Travels to Various U.S. Cities to Celebrate Latine Culture on His New Show, “Leguizamo Does America”

John Leguizamo Travels to Various U.S. Cities to Celebrate Latine Culture on His New Show, “Leguizamo Does America”
Credit: Screenshot of "Leguizamo Does America" Trailer

Per usual, John Leguizamo is part of another exciting project. This time around, the project flaunts his name in the title: “Leguizamo Does America.” 

“Leguizamo Does America,” is a Peacock original show that allows John to travel across the United States to give a glimpse of the thriving Latino/e communities within the nation. He showcases the community’s prevalence by celebrating its history, culture, and food. He will also use his new show to shine a light on the contributions of Latino/e people who are actively shaping the U.S. 

While on the TODAY show, Leguizamo expressed how excited he was about this project.  

“This is the first of its kind, which is ridiculous because Latinx people are the oldest and largest ethnic group in America, and there’s never been a show about our culture,” the Colombian actor said.  

“But here I am, I’m going around the country looking for Latinx excellence.” 

What to expect in ‘Leguizamo Does America’

Produced by NBC News Studios and airing on MSNBC, Leguizamo will serve as a travel host and interviewer for the show. For the first few episodes, he traveled to New York, D.C., Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Miami. Leguizamo said that he had a lot of fun going to these places.  

There’s a wide range of stories he encounters with the program. According to its IMDB profile, it features young actors sharing their heartfelt stories at a Washington, D.C. Latino theater, immigrants who transformed the city of Chicago, and brings awareness to the Indigenous people of Puerto Rico who invented barbecue.  

The show’s essence is filled with adventure. From politics to feeling like a passenger on a road trip, it promises to keep the audience wanting to learn more about the Latino/e community.  

It’s part politics, part road trip, and part history lesson, all wrapped in a vintage Leguizamo adventure, showcasing the fastest-growing demographic in the nation. 

“Leguizamo Does America” premieres this Sunday.  

Are you excited to see more Latino/e representation on TV? We know we are.  

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