It’s An RBD-Filled Day: Here Are Three of The Most Iconic Moments in Their Career

It's An RBD-Filled Day: Here Are Three of The Most Iconic Moments in Their Career belatina
Credit: Wiki Commons, By Dario Rosas - Anahí Puente, CC BY 2.0

Tickets for the “Soy Rebelde Tour” go on sale today. This is the first time in over a decade that the beloved Mexican pop group will be touring. ¡Que emoción! 

RBD fans have been waiting for their reunion since the band broke up in 2008. Hope was never lost as you can tell. They were pivotal to many people’s childhood and, in true “rebelde” nature, accepting the band’s disintegration was out of the question.  

RBD derived from the ever-successful telenovela produced for Televisa by Pedro Damián, “Rebelde,” which debuted in 2004. It was through their novela that they became an integral part of many households. In some way, they were pioneer influencers as they influenced us through their lingo, fashion and style, and, of course, music.  

The band’s singers, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, Christopher Von Uckermann, Alfonso Herrera, and Dulce María, marked a generation for life.  

As we all wait to score tickets for their upcoming tour, let’s take this time to reminisce on some of RBD’s iconic moments. 

Check them out below! 

The crossover no one expected: Hilary Duff meeting RBD


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♬ original sound – Joel Sepulveda

As a bicultural Latina, seeing Hilary Duff appear on “Rebelde” brought out feelings of pride and excitement. It felt great to witness how much “Rebelde’s” popularity had grown outside of Spanish-language media. During that special episode, Duff is as happy to meet them as they are to meet her. The rest of the world was happy to see some of the most popular teen icons vibing together. What a time to be alive.  

RBD’s virtual concert in 2020


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On December 26th, 2020 RBD returned with a virtual concert named “Ser o parecer“ that was viewable from most of Latin America and the United States. It was the best holiday gift their fans could receive, especially after enduring the heartaches the height of the pandemic was bringing to the world. Neither Alfonso Herrera nor Dulce María participated in the event due to conflicts in their personal agendas.  

However, the rest of the band members serenaded their fans with some of their best hits such as “Sálvame,” “Este corazón,” “Solo quédate en silencio,” and “Rebelde.” They sang along to the majestic notes of an orchestra. As expected, fans were overjoyed and shared their emotions all over their social media. The concert lasted a little over two hours.  

Maite’s wedding turned into an RBD reunion


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♬ original sound – TS_Love

During Maite Perroni’s wedding – where she wedded Andrés Tovar in Mexico –, the former Mexican pop group decided to give the wedding guests a quick show. It all began when Anahí took the microphone and began to sing “Sálvame.” Shortly after, Christopher, Christian, Maite, and Anahí joined in. The wedding attendees shared the clips on their social media, which became viral in no time. The singers also shared the clips on their social media platforms. Though two members were not present, Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera, they congratulated Maite on her special day as well and reacted positively to their colleague’s reunion.  

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