Somos Good News Latinx Edition: Just In Time

Somos Episode 1 BELatina

Good news seems to be scarce in our current reality. Fear and anxiety are paying visits to many homes. The unsolicited visitor has taken the shape of gunk filling spaces we sometimes disregard in our cleaning routines. Yet, there’s always the opportunity to cleanse the filthiest of corners. Our solution to navigate through this darkness is to give you “Somos Good News.” In other words, good news curated by BELatina News

On this episode of “Somos Good News,” hosts Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco report a few things that will make many smile. They start off by introducing us to one of the greatest dads the internet has seen thanks to the Ring doorbell. Talking about great, Castro and Carrasco also speak about SGN’s pioneer, John Krasinski. We are taken into a heartwarming story of a young girl named Aubrey and the original cast of Hamilton

To follow this, we are shown the importance of privacy, especially when it comes to the survival of pandas. Who would’ve thought pandas were this shy? Then again, exhibitionists are not usually the norm. Or are they? 

As if news couldn’t get lighter than that, our attention is brought to floating champagne. This oddity occured in Italy where neighbors tied their champagne flutes to long sticks. It was almost Harry Potter magical. 

Even though only good news is highlighted during this series, it does not mean other types of news should be ignored. It is understandable that there is news out there that is difficult to digest, but some stories are vital to humanity. We must all be informed in all ways to get through this pandemic.

Overall, “Somos Good News” gives us laughter, smiles, and a much-needed mental break. In a sense, this video series is the antidote to the stress we are all feeling nowadays. It goes without saying that we should all indulge in “Somos Good News” every week. Do it for your soul, at the very least.

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