Watch an Exclusive Clip from ‘Made From Scratch’ Where Natti Natasha Reflects About Being One of the Only Women in the Reggaeton Industry

Watch an Exclusive Clip from 'Made From Scratch' Where Natti Natasha Reflects About Being One of the Only Women in the Reggaeton Industry
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A lot has been going on in Natti Natasha’s world right now. She’s been staying strong as her husband and manager, Raphy Pina – who’s Daddy Yankee’s manager as well – resolves some legal issues. All of this while continuing to make jefa moves. Thankfully, her adorable daughter, Vida, is always by her side.  

As she continues to inspire other Latinas, the música urbana pioneer is also letting us know that she keeps her Dominican roots well and alive in the kitchen.  

Natti Natasha recently made an appearance on the fifth season of Fuse’s original series, Made From Scratch, where she talks to her big sister-in-law, Luisa, about her rise to fame, family, and, of course, food. During the segment, Natasha is seen preparing different Dominican dishes in order to create an amazing feast for lunch.  

Watch an exclusive clip of Natti Natasha’s episode below.

What she spoke about on ‘Made From Scratch’

As the “Ram Pam Pam” singer reflected on her musical career, she explained how she started out in the urban scene, which was absorbed by Santiago, Dominican Republic early on.  

“We could sing in a club or también we would go to basketball courts. It was también in places that were not that nice, but it was cool because those were the only places where they allowed you to play reggaeton,” she told Luisa as she cooked.  “But it was fun.” 

She also talked about being one of the only women in the reggaeton industry and how that has made her feel.  

“At the moment, it was really just men that were doing it, so it was kind of weird that a girl was doing it and I really didn’t even think about it,” she said on Made From Scratch. 

“So, when they ask me, ‘how do you feel that you’re a girl around so many men?’ I’m in my head like, it’s always been like that.’” 

Watching Natti Natasha’s reflections and more

Natti Natasha is now among the many celebrities who have made a guest appearance on Made From Scratch, an unscripted series that invites its viewers into the kitchens of their favorite celebrities. Guests always talk beyond the food they are making and share some of their most special moments that have helped shape their identity. After all, what better way to get intimate than through food?  

You can catch Natti Natasha’s episode on Wednesday, February 8th at 10:00 PM ET/PT on Fuse and Fuse+. 

Made From Scratch’s fifth season will feature Danny Trejo, Big Freedia, Nicole Scherzinger, and more. 

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