Exclusive: Watch Amara La Negra and Her Mom During Their “Made From Scratch” Episode

Exclusive: Watch Amara La Negra and Her Mom During Their “Made From Scratch” Episode belatina latine
Credit: Fuse TV

Fuse’s hit series, “Made From Scratch,” is back for its fourth season! Though at first glance it may seem like a cooking show, it’s more than that. 

Fuse, a Latino-owned, multi-platform entertainment company dedicated to documenting vibrant storytelling, uses “Made From Scratch” to invite viewers to experience the intimacy of cooking with friends and family. 

The premise of the series is to get raw and real with family members while whipping up their favorite dishes. After all, there’s no better way to bond with family than with food. Due to its unscripted nature, guests dive deep with their family members or friends about topics regarding their identity, achievements, and more. 

“Made From Scratch” has brought on many of our favorite stars including Becky G, Karol G, and many more.

This season will feature a few guests who have become household names in Latino homes, including Eva Longoria and Amara La Negra. 

Amara La Negra and Her Mom Talk About Their Journey

In fact, we were recently able to get exclusive clips of Amara La Negra’s episode where she and her mother tug at our hearts.

During this episode of “Made From Scratch,” Amara and her mother, Ana Maria Oleaga, talk about the struggles of being an immigrant, among other things.

In the clip, Oleaga recounts her experience of being an undocumented immigrant; she emigrated from the Dominican Republic. She’s also seen expressing the pride she feels for her daughter and for her accomplishments. It was sweet to see how much this Latina mom believed in her daughter’s dreams. 

Amara La Negra adds to the conversation by letting her mother know that she, too, is proud of her. The endearing moment can be enjoyed on Thursday, August 25th, 2022 on Fuse. Make sure to tune in!

The series has been approved for a fifth season and will begin production soon. 

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