Hold Up! Is RBD Not Getting Paid for Their Very Successful Tour, ‘Soy Rebelde’? – Here’s What We Know  

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Credit: Wiki Commons, By Dario Rosas - Anahí Puente, CC BY 2.0

Despite the overwhelming success of the “Soy Rebelde Tour 2023,” the members of RBD are yet to receive payment for their performances in Latin America. And the members of the beloved group are not staying quiet. Dulce María, for instance, recently opened up about the situation, expressing her disheartenment and describing it as a “complex and disappointing” issue. 

The controversy was first brought to light by the Mexican TV show “Ventaneando,” causing a stir among the group’s devoted fans. According to Ricardo Manjarrez, a host of the show, the five members of RBD – Dulce María, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, and Christopher Uckermann – have not been paid for the 20 concerts they performed in Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico. 

The delay in payment has been attributed to Guillermo Rosas, RBD’s former manager, who allegedly has not provided the necessary documentation to the companies organizing the tour. This situation has sparked outrage among the fans, who are demanding a swift resolution and expressing solidarity with the artists. If no agreement is reached with the companies and their ex-manager, RBD may resort to legal action to claim their due compensation. 

RBD’s current financial woes are compounded by a history of controversy with Guillermo Rosas. In the past, Rosas had been accused of fraud by some members of the group, including a notable accusation from Christian Chávez, who alleged that Rosas had “stolen” his YouTube channel. 

What Dulce María from RBD and Others Are Saying

In a recent interview, Dulce María provided some insight into the ongoing issues, confirming that the group is undergoing audits and has discovered several irregularities. However, she dispelled rumors of any current legal proceedings. “Like any company where irregularities are found, we are conducting audits and have already found issues. But we can’t share too much information. It’s very sad because we had so many plans to continue the tour, and now we are in a difficult and disappointing moment. We also can’t disclose everything because it’s delicate, but we are not in lawsuits at this time,” Dulce María explained. 

Meanwhile, Andrés Tovar, husband of Maite Perroni, also commented on the predicament. He confirmed that the payment for the Brazil concert had been made, but payments for the performances in Colombia and Mexico were still pending. Tovar suggested that the delay was due to Guillermo Rosas not disbursing the payments. 

Now, RBD is navigating through a turbulent period despite the triumph of their tour. Their struggle to secure their rightful earnings showcases just how difficult this industry can be – even for musicians as successful as those within RBD.  

Let’s hope they get their pay day soon; they deserve it.  

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