Three Easy Ways to Keep up With Your Loved Ones

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There comes the time when you don’t have the bandwidth or energy to be as social as you were in your early 20’s. It inevitably happens. 

You become so self-involved in balancing your daily schedule – from spending time with your family, helping the community, working, exercising, cooking, cleaning, being present in your relationship – you get so caught up that it diminishes time with your friends. 

Suddenly you don’t have the time to spend full weekends or plan sleepovers with your loved ones. No more time to see your best friend once or twice a week — and that’s completely okay. That’s part of being an adult.

Instead of feeling guilty or treating plans with your friends as quick 30-minute lunch appointments, why not open up to different ways to keep up with the chisme via more accessible, low-maintenance ways? Why not come up with creative ideas to mutually stay in touch?


Here are three tips on ways to maintain your friendships for those who have friends across the globe, who have availability once a month, and for those who bluntly just don’t have the time right now. It’s all good — they’ll understand, trust me. If not, then they have some self-loving to discover.

Use video chats and audio notes

For those who live far (or not) from their loved one, why not keep socializing through Facetimes and Zoom dates? I, for one, have friends all over the globe and still keep up with their lives through Whatsapp audios and periodic video chats. It gives you time to respond thoroughly and catch up with your friends, regardless of the distance or time availability. It’s way more personal than texts or social media comments and gives you the ability to hear their voices.

Plan a different physical activity once a month

For those who love to be active and are curious to explore, this is a great way to stick to your exercise schedule and catch up with a friend. Whether it’s going on a hot yoga date, spin class, hike, nature walk, a bike ride — there are plenty of ways to stay active and spend time with your loved one at least once a month. This way, you kill two birds with one stone. Not literally, please.

Send edible arrangements or self-care baskets

For those who are extremely busy and just don’t have the energy to set up a date, why not send your loved one a small gift? It shows you’re thinking of them! Edible arrangements and self-care baskets are thoughtful ways to send something useful to your friends even when you don’t have the bandwidth to actually communicate. 

Looking for an easier way? Perhaps you could send them a quirky postcard or send them $5 through Venmo or Zelle for a ‘thinking of you’ drink. 

Whatever way you choose, it will surely go a long way. If you need an even easier way, I recommend simply messaging them to ask how they are. Something as gentle as a greeting could make the difference. After all, that’s what friends are for: to understand and be kind to one another.

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