Amid the Shakira and Piqué Drama, People Are Claiming that Clara Chia is a Trans Woman – And This is Dangerous

Amid the Shakira and Piqué Drama, People Are Claiming that Clara Chia is a Trans Woman – And This is Dangerous
Credit: Instagram/ @shakira, @gerardpique

There is a new development in the Shakira and Gerard Piqué drama and it might be crossing the line.  

It is no surprise that Shakira is receiving an overwhelming amount of support. She’s a Latina queen and is being treated as such. On the other hand, Piqué and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia, are on the receiving end of a relentless backlash. Not to say that they don’t deserve it, but there are things that should be off-limits in any situation. One of those things is talking about someone’s sexuality and gender identity. 

Over the weekend, claims that Clara Chia is a trans woman started to make rounds on social media. These allegations came after some people stated that Milan, Shakira, and Piqué’s son, said Chia was a trans woman. Shortly after, other videos said that Chia had confirmed the claims.  

Sadly, the videos also have a homophobic tone to them. It is of note that there is NO video of Milan speaking about this or Chia acknowledging these claims. Thus, these claims are baseless.  

However, the possibility of outing someone is worrisome.  

Outing someone is never okay. In fact, it is dangerous.  

Outing someone is harmful

According to LGBTQ and All, “outing” is when someone discloses the sexual orientation or gender identity of an LGBTQ+ person without their consent. Outing creates issues of privacy, choice, and harm. 

Not only can outing be a traumatizing experience, but it can also put someone in harm’s way.  

The Human Rights Campaign reported tens of gruesome killings of trans people in 2022. Yet, their report doesn’t include all of the possible murders because trans deaths are often misreported or underreported. Suicide for trans people, especially trans youth, is also one of the highest among all demographics. The statistics are especially worrying for those in the Black and Latino/e community.  

Let people live, including Clara Chia

Whether or not Clara Chia is a trans woman is no one’s concern. This applies to anyone else in our lives – people’s identity is personal and should be respected.  

There is no reason for anyone to entertain the narrative that Chia is a trans woman because, if true, it is being done without consent. Still, if it’s untrue, it is continuing a harmful discourse around the topic, hence empowering dozens of transphobic people.  

Let’s not forget that transphobia is at the root of bringing a lot of unwarranted pain to a group of people. It is the cause of discrimination, harassment, and violence – and this type of hate should have no place in our society.  

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