National Cheese Lover Day: 10 Latin American Recipes That Will Satiate Your Need for Cheese

Cheese lovers listen up: while we are aware that any day you get to devour a bite of cheesy goodness feels like a holiday, there is actually a holiday dedicated to you — National Cheese Lover Day! Mark it in your calendars and stock your fridge with all the cheese you can carry, because January 20th is officially National Cheese Lover Day in the US. Yes, we promise it’s a thing; though would it matter if we made it up and gave you an excuse to eat more cheese? That’s what we thought…

January 20th is a day to celebrate cheese; to honor those of us who love cheese, the recipes that revolve around cheese, and the many time-honored traditions of Latin American cooking that really deliver where cheese-obsessed foodies are concerned. We salute you, and we’ve gathered the best, cheesiest, gooiest, most delicious recipes from south of the border and beyond.   

From queso to tequeños and everything in between, if you would choose a bite of cheese over a sweet treat any day, then this list of must-try recipes is for you. 

9Queso Fundido

queso fundido Belatina

This cheese dip is a no-brainer to serve at any dinner party, or even for a casual night at home when you really just want to smother your chips in a dollop of warm, savory cheese. The combination of mild cheddar with Monterey Jack and chorizo is as close to perfect as you can get, and the best part is you can reheat it for tomorrow (and the next day) or serve it for your next taco night.