How Mexicans Always Bring the ‘Fiesta’ to the World Cup

How Mexicans Always Bring the ‘Fiesta’ to the World Cup Belatina latine
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I’ve never been to a FIFA World Cup and have always had to rely on TV or online programming to be able to catch the games — where you get to see the bare minimum of the atmosphere and how people are actually enjoying their time there.

Thankfully, social media platforms have become the best tool for all of us who are not able to make it to this sporting experience, as we enjoy a little bit of the cup-goers excitement through our phone screens. 

I can attest that I’m not the biggest soccer fan out there, so I consider the World Cup inaugurated not when the matches begin but when my fellow Latines start flooding the internet with videos, memes, and photos.

And there’s no one better to light up the World Cup ambiance than Mexicans, and Qatar 2022 is no exception to this — almost — rule.

Mexicans having fun at the World Cup is quite the sight

On Tuesday, November 22, Mexico had its first game and played against Poland. The fact that Qatar has much stricter rules (which can be condemned as inhumane) than other countries did not stop Mexicans from celebrating and supporting their team in the most effusive way.

The perfect example was set by Mexican influencer Juanpa Zurita, who recorded himself at the exact moment when goalie Memo Ochoa stopped Poland’s penalty kick. His reaction is every Mexican’s reaction.

Mexicans, for sure, know how to party, and other cultures can confirm it. The passion for soccer is so intense among Mexicans that they will celebrate other countries’ wins against Mexico’s biggest “enemies.” 

The most recent example was shared on TikTok, where a crowd of Mexicans can be seen rooting for Saudi Arabia during the team’s match against Argentina, who was playing against Mexico on Saturday, November 26.


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Mexicans that didn’t make it to Qatar will, however, find a way to celebrate in comunidad. Whether they’re in the United States, Mexico, or any country around the world, don’t be surprised by what the power of a World Cup can do to unite the gente mexicana.


VIVA MEXICO 🇲🇽 #mexico #sanjose #soccer

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It really is a joy to see Mexicans’ influence at the World Cup.


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