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SAAM BELatina Latinx sexual violence

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: How Communities Can Prevent Abuse and Harassment

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), the leading nonprofit in providing information and...
BELaitna Mi Padrino App

How This Event Planning Company Is Helping Young Men Celebrate Their Quinceañero

As of 2019, officially, quinceañeras aren't just for girls. Thanks to an innovative idea that helps young men celebrate their lives unapologetically and to...
Latinx Collective BELatina ponte las pilas

Ponte Las Pilas Was the Event We All Needed this Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month is a month-long celebration dedicated to acknowledging and highlighting the diversity of the Latinx community. The Latinx Collective and SquareSpace teamed...
Survivors Sexual Assault

Smash the Stigma of Sexual Violence this Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Lowering the incidence of suicide requires us as a nation to tamp down sexual violence and effectively treat the survivors of sexual assault. The...
Coco Hollywood Bowl BELatina Disney

‘Coco Live in Concert’ Announces Star-Studded Cast for Dia de los Muertos Event at...

Do you find yourself hanging around the kids in your life just so that you, too, can shamelessly rewatch Coco and bawl your eyes...
World-Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day: Talking Guns and Their Role in Suicide Risk

As today is World Suicide Prevention Day, preventing suicide necessarily requires us to acknowledge the deadly role that guns play in suicide today and...
Suicide Prevention Month

Reducing Veteran Deaths this Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month should serve as a reminder for all of us to look out for the most vulnerable members of our communities,...
Mantra Mental Health Suicide

The First Latina Suicide Prevention Center Opened in Manhattan This Year

Depression and a decline in mental health in teens has been on the rise since the late 2000s. An epidemic that has been especially...
Teresa Burga Conceptional Latina Artist

Seventies Conceptualism Boldly Politicized by These Maverick Latina Artists

The origins of art are representational. Beginning with cave paintings and later hieroglyphs, women’s first sketches were so intimately tied to their corresponding objects...
hair mane event BELatina

Mane Event: The Art of Having Flawless Extensions

So you’re dying to see what you would look like as a blonde and you’re not sure how to go about it without doing...

Locatora Radio “Las Mamis of Myth & Bullshit” Podcast and Community Events

Locatora Radio is a Radiophonic Novela hosted by Diosa and Mala also known as "Las Mamis of Myth & Bullshit." Like most millennial love stories,...
Security Guard Could Not Stop Massiel Taveras' Stunning Red Carpet Moment in Cannes 

Security Guard Could Not Stop ‘Dominicana’ Massiel Taveras’ Stunning Red Carpet Moment in Cannes 

Massiel Taveras’ journey to the International Cannes Film Festival in France took an unexpected turn. The Dominican actress and model encountered a security guard...