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BELatina and UnitedHealthcare Join Forces for Latino Health

BELatina and UnitedHealthcare Join Forces for Latino Health

In a recent episode of BELatina, host Karent Sierra was joined by UnitedHealthcare Chief Medical Officer, Mayrene Hernandez to discuss the importance of mental...
Nalleli Cobo BELatina Latinx

Young Latina Nalleli Cobo Is Recognized With the Prestigious Goldman Environmental Award

There is no doubt that the younger generation, especially young people of color, have much clearer priorities than the rest. Just look at the story...
Ynés Mexía BELatina Latinx

Discover the Story of Ynés Mexía, the First Mexican-American Botanist and Environmentalist

Although climate change has been a heated topic in recent years, the environmental movement has been a long-standing fight. One of the first people...
Latinos health technology BELatina Latinx

Study Finds Latinos Rely More on Health Technology Than Other Demographic Groups

One of my best friends measures her heart rate on her Apple Watch every time she has an anxiety attack, and I measure my...
Dr. Erica Montes/ BELatina

Dr. Erica Montes Shares Tips on How Women Can Navigate Through Their Reproductive Health 

  According to Guttmacher, in 2011, nearly half of the 6.1 million pregnancies in the United States were unintended. This is a trend that remains....

How To Make Your Christmas Decorations Environmentally-Friendly

We can all agree that the holiday spirit can be a beautiful thing. Somehow, it injects many people with an insurmountable amount of joy,...
Photo courtesy of Belatina.com Belatina,latinx

Three Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Life

To grow up is to become aware of personal boundaries — one's own and those of others. Often, these boundaries translate into unquestioning obedience...
Latinx food BELatina Latinx

Latinx Food Brands Creating Healthier Alternatives to Our Favorite Dishes

Food is a fundamental element in Latino culture. Latinx food is not only a source of energy and nutrients, but it is also a...
Physical mental individuality BELatina Latinx

Embracing Both Our Physical and Mental Individuality at Work

The days of being trapped inside a box are over — it's time to be free and loudly embrace our individuality, especially in the...
Cecilia Ramos Beauty Tips BeLatina Latinx

Six Tips For a Real and Healthy Skincare Routine

One of the most common mistakes in aesthetics is to think that beauty is merely an external matter. In fact, few remember that our...
Gemini Season

Gemini Season 2020: Spiritual Coach Spreads the Tarot to Reveal Love, Health, Family, and...

Happy Birthday, Gemini! It is time for the third astrological sign in the zodiac to shine, even though the world is going through hard...

Are Sound Baths Really Beneficial to Our Mental and Physical Well-Being?

If taking better care of yourself is on your list of resolutions, or perhaps self-care is an overarching goal that you're finally paying attention...