Self Care: 11 Ways to Weave it Into Everyday Life

Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

Most of us run around all day in go-mode, often without stopping to think about that we need to recharge and replenish. If we run ourselves ragged without filling up again, we will be running on empty, and like a car out of gasoline, we will eventually have to stop. Self care isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. Don’t think of it as a selfish thing, but rather as something that will help you be your best self and therefore better suited for any service to others. Think you don’t have the time for self care? Check out these simple ways to incorporate the basics of self care into your everyday life.

1Cultivate Your Connections

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While alone time is healthy and necessary, connecting with loved ones helps maintain a happy balance in your life. Friends and family should serve as a support system, be sources of good advice, and serve as partners for fun adventures. Take the time to grab a drink or dinner, make a phone call, and simply remember to appreciate the crucial people in your life.