Spotlighting Latinos at the Super Bowl: J Balvin Appears on a Verizon Commercial During the Big Game

Spotlighting Latinos at the Super Bowl: J Balvin Appears on a Verizon Commercial During the Big Game

J Balvin and Verizon stole the show during Univision’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVIII, highlighting Verizon’s commitment to the Latino community. The commercial, which unfolded during the game’s third quarter, featured captivating ads starring J Balvin, showcasing the versatility within Verizon.

The commercials, part of a collaborative campaign since September, underscored the enduring bond between the artist and Verizon. At the heart of the advertisement was the “leak” of J Balvin’s phone number. As fans inundated the number with messages and media, Verizon’s network effortlessly managed the surge in traffic. This was an attempt at letting everyone know how reliable and protective they are.

What sets this collaboration apart is the innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI). Though there’s a lot of discourse around AI, it is making its way into how we consume media.

Now, during this commercial, fans are  engaging with the phone number received real-time responses that mirrored Balvin’s voice, blurring the lines between reality and technology. Whether communicating in English or Spanish, via WhatsApp or SMS, text, or video, fans experienced an interactive exchange that felt authentic.

Reflecting on the partnership, J Balvin emphasized the significance of music as a universal language that transcends boundaries. He highlighted events like the Super Bowl broadcast on Univision as opportunities for the Latino community to connect and celebrate shared cultural experiences. For Balvin, the collaboration with Verizon symbolizes more than just a commercial endeavor – it’s a powerful reminder of the unbreakable connections that unite us all.

This isn’t the first time Balvin has teamed up with Verizon; last year, he wowed audiences with an augmented reality experience featuring a towering 300-foot version of himself. And with the partnership set to continue into 2024, fans can expect even more innovative projects on the horizon.

Did you catch this commercial during the Super Bowl?

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