Super Bowl Spotlight: Colombia Sends 70 Containers of Hass Avocados to the Big Game 

Super Bowl Spotlight: Colombia Sends 70 Containers of Hass Avocados to the Big Game 

The Super Bowl takes place this February 11th – and much preparation goes for it. Even the Latino community joins in on the fun (let’s not forget how much we love fútbol.)  

While the focus is on the field, Colombia, alongside Mexico, is one of the countries making its mark in this event. This year, Colombia’s star agricultural product, Hass avocados, is getting included at the Super Bowl table.  

According to La Republica, Colombia’s Hass Avocado Producers and Exporters Corporation (Corpohass) predicts that Colombia will mobilize a total of 1,496 tons of the product from January 22nd to February 18th. Notably, the fruit isn’t just prominent leading up to the sporting event but also during and after it, with avocado exports surging during these weeks.  

Between January 22nd and February 4th, before the Super Bowl, an estimated 946 tons are set for export in 45 containers, marking a 105% increase compared to last year. 

During the event itself, from February 5th to 11th, Colombia will dispatch around 13 containers carrying 286 tons of Hass avocados to the North American country. Finally, from February 12th to 18th, seven days after the sporting celebration, 264 tons of the product will journey in 12 containers. It’s projected to represent a 20 percent increase compared to what was sent in 2023. Overall, during the three periods (before, during, and after the Super Bowl), 1,496 tons of Hass avocados will be exported in 70 containers, reflecting a 56 percent growth in export volume. 

Colombia Shines with their Hass Avocados

Corpohass underscored that while Mexico provides significant avocado shipments to the United States, demand often outstrips supply. Thus, the final consumer has become acquainted with Colombian avocados in such sporting scenarios. 

In 2023, Corpohass reported record-breaking avocado exports. The industry reached an all-time high of 5,125 40-foot containers, marking a 26.4% growth compared to 2022 when 4,055 containers were exported. 

Currently, Colombia has 3,615 registered properties cultivating Hass avocados, translating to 33,500 hectares dedicated to this cultivation. 

Will you be eating Hass avocados this weekend to celebrate the Super Bowl? 

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