Children of Parents Who Emigrated From Mexico Now Have the Option to Apply for Mexican Dual Citizenship

Children of Parents Who Emigrated From Mexico Now Have the Option to Apply for Mexican Dual Citizenship

Children born to Mexican parents now have the opportunity to have dual citizenship! 

The Mexican Senate unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate the consular legalization or apostille requirement for documents verifying nationality and identity. With 94 votes in favor, the Plenary of the Senate passed the proposal, ensuring the right to nationality for individuals in these categories. 

According to Talla Politica, the amendments to articles 314 and 1144 of the National Code of Civil and Family Procedures specify that documents proving the nationality and identity of Mexicans born abroad or returning migrants of Mexican nationality will no longer require consular legalization or apostille. Instead, presenting the foreign birth certificate along with the birth certificate of the Mexican parent(s) will suffice to establish identity and Mexican nationality for registration in the Civil Registry. 

Olga Sánchez Cordero, President of the Justice Committee, emphasized the necessity of simplifying procedures for returned Mexican parents, who often struggle to establish the Mexican nationality of their foreign-born children due to irregular migration status. This inability to legalize or apostille foreign birth certificates poses obstacles to their recognition as Mexican citizens. 

Mayuli Latifa Martínez Simón, Chair of the First Legislative Studies Committee, highlighted the reform’s goal of addressing challenges faced by returning Mexican parents in obtaining recognition and Mexican nationality for their foreign-born children. Lack of nationality and identity for these children leaves them vulnerable, underscoring the importance of upholding their constitutional rights, including access to education and healthcare. 

Why Mexican Dual Citizenship Matters

The aim of the proposal, now forwarded to the Federal Executive, is to streamline the process of nationality recognition for parents who have been deported from the country where their children’s birth certificates were issued, or who have voluntarily returned. These parents often face difficulties and financial burdens associated with consular legalization or apostille procedures. 

It is essential to safeguard their rights under the Constitution, such as access to education and healthcare. The recognition of nationality and identity for children of Mexican parents born abroad is vital, as it ensures their inclusion and protection within Mexican society. 

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