Julissa Prado and Charly Stoever Inspire with Community Entrepreneurship and Money Management 

Julissa Prado and Charly Stoever Inspire with Community Entrepreneurship and Money Management 
Credit: U.S. Bank


Finances, once a daunting specter for the Hispanic community, have transformed from anxiety-inducing challenges to empowering opportunities. In a time when financial institutions used to evoke fear due to language barriers and complex jargon, information is now more readily available. Thanks to our smartphones and people advocating for inclusive representation in vital fields, such as banking, things are turning around. In fact, it seems as though banking is finally becoming accessible to everyone in our family. Yet, challenges still remain. For instance, one of the biggest challenges nowadays lies in selecting the right guides for our financial journey. Enter Julissa Prado and Charly Stoever, two inspiring figures illuminating the path to entrepreneurship and mindful money management within our cultural context.  

Julissa Prado, the ingenious Afro-Mexican entrepreneur behind Rizo Curls, has not only revolutionized haircare but also become a beacon of empowerment for individuals embracing their natural beauty. Meanwhile, Charly Stoever, a spirited money coach, not only shares practical financial advice on Instagram but also encourages followers to embrace life fully, including the joy of movement and self-expression. 



Prado and Stoever have become touchstones for our community, exemplifying the power of entrepreneurship and financial wisdom tailored for our people. Prado’s Rizo Curls has not only reshaped the beauty industry but also empowered a multitude of people through her carefully created hair products. On the other hand, Stoever’s unique approach, blending financial advice with a few dance moves here and there, resonates deeply, reminding us that financial freedom isn’t just about numbers; it’s about living life to the fullest. 

The reality is that they’ve been able to grow in their path due to a myriad of reasons and their hard work. Aside from that, they’ve learned to work with the right tools to keep their journey on the right track while continuing to inspire the Hispanic community. Since we live in a society where options are seemingly endless, we look to those who have experienced success to guide our decisions.  

Amidst these inspiring stories, U.S. Bank emerges as a vital ally for the Hispanic community, breaking barriers and bridging the gap between financial institutions and our community. U.S. Bank recognizes the importance of having approachable, bilingual bankers who understand the unique needs of multicultural communities. How many of us wouldn’t have wanted to see our immigrant parents get these opportunities a few years ago? Sadly, many of us witnessed financial institutions that limited our parents – and our community – in so many ways, making things even harder for them. The good thing is that the commitment made by U.S. Bank doesn’t stop there; they offer flexible FDIC-insured solutions to help you grow your money safely. 


Thankfully, Prado and Stoever have no qualms about sharing their processes and have disclosed that they, too, use U.S. Bank to help them navigate their finances – and life, overall. 

U.S. Bank takes the concept of banking further, providing smart tools designed to simplify financial planning. This is something that has helped both Prado and Stoever – as well as their families. With features like co-browsing and bilingual digital capabilities in Spanish, U.S. Bank ensures that every step towards financial freedom is guided, making the process accessible and understandable for all. 

Here’s the thing: There’s safe, but then there’s U.S. Bank safe. In this transformative era, U.S. Bank stands as a trusted partner, dedicated to helping the Hispanic community make informed financial decisions.  

To embark on your path to secure and smart banking, visit usbank.com/safe. Your financial future is no longer a daunting unknown; it’s an exciting journey waiting to be embraced. Start your adventure today with U.S. Bank. Member FDIC. 

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