Watch Lauren Jauregui’s Live Collaboration With Vevo Here for Her Fresh Track “Lento”

Lauren Jauregui Release BELatina
Photo Courtesy Lauren Jauregui

It’s only been a couple weeks since Cuban-American singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui released the smoldering music video for “Lento,” the lead single from her TBA and yet-to-be-titled upcoming debut album as a solo artist. But considering how slowly time seems to be passing, we’re psyched to have another video to play on repeat from Jauregui, whose solo career after Fifth Harmony has allowed her to play a leading role in every aspect of her art. 

The latest video from Jauregui is a beautiful, pared back live rendition of “Lento,” the result of a collaboration with music video platform Vevo. This version of “Lento” truly captures the way the track moves through Jauregui as its creator, in her movements and gestures as she sings along in Spanglish; she’s accompanied only a mic stand and a small (all-femme!) backing duo — a cajón and electric guitar — with which to perform the song live, stripping it down to the elements that make this Tainy-produced track so alluring and elevating the influence of her Cuban roots.

Still putting the final touches on her new album, Jauregui has been busy in the home studio, having taken this opportunity to really expand the boundaries of what it means to be an artist, something she feels is critical to do to help everyone get through this unprecedented period of isolation and fear. 

With this in mind, Jauregui recently spoke about the value of music in Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast. “The most important time for art is right now. When we all need to collectively feel united. When we need to feel healing,” she said. She recalled the days when we could go to live concerts — remember those? — and be surrounded by people from everywhere, people of all colors and backgrounds who have been brought together by the same song. “Like that to me is just such a magic that it can’t be substituted or paused. It can’t be contained even. It’s what unites people.”

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Photo Credit via E!

Beyond, or perhaps in harmony with her work as a creative, Jauregui has been using her voice as an activist for years despite being only 23 years old. A Miami native, she marched with students from Parkland, FL for gun reform. Prior to the election of Donald Trump, she was involved with campaigns to get out the vote, and has since used her platform to address injustice within our political systems. As a bisexual public figure, she’s also been an outspoken advocate for women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. Just last week, she was helping to raise funds for coronavirus relief efforts with WHO through a Global Citizen “Together at Home” live concert. 

We are so happy she’s keeping busy. We love following all of the work she’s done in her young career, and can’t wait for her to throw us a bone about her debut solo album. WE WANT DETAILS! 

For now, here’s her official live performance from Vevo for “Lento.”

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