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Pandemic-Era Benefits Are Coming to An End and It Can Disproportionately Impact the Latine Community

Pandemic-Era Benefits Are Coming to An End and It Disproportionately Impacts the Latine Community

Did you know that 11 percent of Latines based in the United States live below the poverty line?   There is no doubt that systemic...
Queer Gym Coach Nat BElatina Latinx

Coach Nat Talks About How Queer Gym Navigated the Pandemic and the Importance of...

Celebrating Pride is an everyday affair. At BELatina, we make sure of that. We keep a close eye on stories like Coach Natalie Huerta's,...
Deadlines Pandemic BELatina Latinx

Learning To Live Beyond Deadlines, How the Pandemic Changed Our Perspective on Life Projects

It is no secret that our lives and expectations have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The deadlines we had set for our five-year...
Homeless death Los Angeles BELatina Latinx

Homeless Deaths in Los Angeles County Increase During Pandemic

One of the most frightening aspects of the COVID pandemic was watching people quickly morph into numbers — numbers of survivors, numbers of hospitalized,...
Zoom Look BELatina

Embrace Your Pandemic Look

Antes muerta que sencilla. This Spanish phrase is a mantra that Latinas have uttered in one iteration or another for generations. Yes, you read...
Pregnancy COVID BELatina Latinx

Pregnancy and the Pandemic: What It’s Really Like Growing a Human During a Worldwide...

Pregnancy is a transformative rollercoaster ride of emotions — it's undoubtedly one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting experiences of a woman's life....
BELatina Immigrants 900 Trump

What Didn’t Stop During the Pandemic: The Trump Administration Deported More than 900 Children...

At this point, the separation of families or the images of hundreds of children caged by the Trump Administration seem to be archived deep...
BELatina Pandemic Red Blue States

The Deep Difference of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Red and Blue States

In the United States, it is not the same to go through a public health crisis in Texas as in California, for example. Nor is...
BeLatina Unemployment

Another Community Silenced: LGBTQ People Face Prejudice, Discrimination, Unemployment and Homelessness During the Pandemic

For survivors of the AIDS pandemic, the coronavirus has been a frightening flashback. And for those trying to make a living as members of the...
Atecnegra protective masks Latinx BELatina

Masks and Resilience: How Latino Artists are Breaking Stereotypes During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has profoundly impacted  the Latino community in the United States. We are not only one of the demographics with the highest infection and...
Navajo Nation BELatina Pandemic COVID 19

How the Navajo Nation is Facing a Different Pandemic

The Navajo Nation, the largest U.S. Indian Tribe with a population of 356,890, is facing the possible devastation of its people due to COVID-19,...
Cher BELatina Latinx

Cher Sings in Spanish to Raise Funds for Pandemic Victims

While it is true that covers of pop classics are a matter of debate, when it comes to Cher, anything is possible. The Pop...