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Tips for Safe Travel During the Pandemic BELatina Latinx

Tips for Safe Travel During the Pandemic

The  United States is yet again basking in the depth of privilege; it has now become one of the few countries around the world...
Undocumented Students Pandemic Aid BELatina Latinx

Undocumented Students Will Have Access to Pandemic Aid, Biden Administration Says

The migrant community in the United States received good news this week from the Biden administration authorizing colleges and universities to distribute pandemic aid...
teacher pandemic burnout exhaustion BeLatina Latinx

Teacher Pandemic Burnout: One Year Later, Exhaustion is Real

Teaching could quite possibly be one of the most rewarding professions. However, this last year it has taken a turn for the worse. According to...
New Report Shows the True Impact of the Pandemic on Latinas' Economy BeLatina Latinx

New Report Shows the True Impact of the Pandemic on Latinas’ Economy

It is no secret that the reality for women of color in the United States is a parallel one, with more obstacles and, more...
Compassion Fatigue BeLatina Latinx

Compassion Fatigue, How The Pandemic Has Taken an Exhausting Toll on Healthcare Workers

It's 2021, and we're all so incredibly tired. We're tired of wearing masks. We're tired of feeling isolated or being stuck at home. We're...
Latina Moms and business owners Mountain Beast Man Tonic BeLatina Latinx

How Two Latina Moms and Business Owners Persevered During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic really took a toll on small businesses in this country, and Latina-owned small businesses, in particular, were hit extremely hard. Perhaps...
Working Mothers Pandemic BeLatina Latinx

Pandemic’s Disproportionate Impact on Working Mothers’ Lives

People around the world are suffering immensely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But one group of Americans that seems to be suffering more than...
Boots or High Heels Reflections on a Pandemic Wardrobe BeLatina Latinx

Boots or High Heels? Reflections on a Woman’s Wardrobe during the Pandemic

There is such a thing as a pandemic wardrobe. I know, I have been wearing it for months, sometimes sleeping in it too, but...
Celebrate Women's Day Work Pandemic BeLatina Latinx

How to Celebrate Women’s Day While Working Remotely During a Pandemic

International Women’s day has been observed annually for 110 years to celebrate the often-overlooked achievements of women both currently and throughout history. And this...
Pandemic Denial BeLatina Latinx

The Risks of the Pandemic Denial Syndrome

Like it or not, there's something about human nature that always looks to the bright side — no matter how dark things get. This...