Maffio Is Yet Again Showing His Entrepreneurial Skills

Maffio Is Yet Again Showing His Entrepreneurial Skills belting news

Award-winning Latino record producer, Maffio, is yet again showing his entrepreneurial skills with his most recent partnership with Cadillac. 

The Dominican producer has been a champion of the Cadillac Escalade since he composed the score for the 2020 “Never Stop Arriving” campaign, then shifting beyond the sound to the big screen for the brand’s 2021 Hispanic Heritage Month campaign, “The Audacity of Hispanic Heritage.”

Aside from being a producer, Maffio is also known for being a recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and creator of the merengue electronico subgenre in Latin pop. He has won seven Grammys during his time in the industry and has a few gold and platinum-selling records. 

The collaboration went live on May 27 and came directly after the release of Maffio’s new album on May 13, “Eso Es Mental.”

In this new collaboration with Cadillac, he is celebrating the introduction of the supercharged legacy, the 2023 Escalade-V. 

Maffio is, without a doubt, another Latino artist making sure representation continues to be present in all the spaces many of us might not have been visible. 

Cadillac believes this Escalade has a potent blend of refinement and power, offering unique, bold, performance-inspired styling with a head-turning presence. The 2023 Escalade-V is the first SUV of the V-Series badge and joins the V-Series fourth-generation lineup. 

Undoubtedly, Maffio being the face of a Cadillac campaign is a narrative shift. Not so long ago, Latinos didn’t have many of these opportunities. But times are changing.

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