Meet Symon Dice, the Emerging Artist, and Producer Breaking Barriers in the Music Industry

Meet Symon Dice, the Emerging Artist, and Producer Breaking Barriers in the Music Industry Belatina news
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It’s no secret many talents have emerged from Colombia. From Carlos Vives to Karol G, this Latin American country, rich in many natural elements, has given the world musical breakthroughs for years. And there’s no end in sight!

Among the exponents of this immense talent is Symon Dice.

Symon Dice, whose real name is Simon Restrepo, was born in Medellin, Colombia, and recalls having music present throughout his entire life. He trained for a solo music career until he could work with other artists. 

His drive to create music led him to collaborate with some of the biggest names and biggest songs in the Latin music scene, such as Farruko’s “Inolvidable,” Zion y Lennox’s “No Quiero Amarte,” Natti Natasha’s “Me Gusta,” amongst others. 

Symon Dice was discovered by RichMusic, the top Latin indie label, while he toured with Puerto Rican artist Tony Dize in New York. Since then, he’s created music with other RichMusic talents, including Dalex and Sech. 

Though the paisa musician started his professional music career as a producer, he is now delving into the role of an artist. Recently, he debuted “Mírate Bien” alongside Justin Quiles and Ryan Castro, indisputably one of the biggest names in the Latin music industry. 

BELatina News enjoyed chatting with him and learning about his music career. Check out what he had to say below!

Who inspired you to make music?

Symon Dice: My family inspired me! They are incredibly musical. For example, my dad was a guitarist, and my mother was also musically inclined. That led me to develop my talent. In some sense, I inherited my love for music from both of them.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

SD: It’s organic! What I mean by that is I like to use the guitar a lot as well as the piano — and come up with the melody and beats organically, not so much the digital sounds. My sound mixes American influences, new urban sounds, and reggaeton. So, that’s why my latest song is a little more R&B. My sounds and chords are very R&B style, and it is noticeable in most of my tracks, even in the reggaeton ones.

What is your creative process?

Symon Dice: Well, it varies. First, I can listen to something I want to assimilate myself. Not copy, but be inspired by it; like suddenly I’ll hear a Drake song he dropped six years ago and be inspired by it now. So, I let that guide me, and I start experimenting. Another part of my process is that I may already have an idea for a lyric, so I run with it and develop it. The good thing about music is that it’s free and lends itself to creativity.

Who would you like to collaborate with the most?

Symon Dice: I would love to dip and collaborate with artists in the American music industry — for example, Drake, since I’ve always been a super fan. In my reggaeton and Latin rhythms, I’ve collaborated with artists like Daddy Yankee and Farruko. I’ve worked with world-class artists, which is why I say it’s time to start connecting with the artists of the American music industry. However, I’m a super fan of Mike Towers and Eladio Carrión, some of my favorite current artists. Overall, I feel blessed to have been able to work with some of my favorite artists. But yeah, I’m already working with Russian, a super producer, and we are making moves. The possibilities are endless.

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Symon Dice: Good question. I’ll be honest: I always tell you the biggest names. Right now that the Bad Bunny Tour is going on, along with his new album, it inspires me to be able to connect with him. I would also love to connect with Neon16, Tainy, and some of his producers. Aside from Bad Bunny, I would think on the level of Justin Bieber.

What are some of the tracks you have been a part of that people don’t know?

Symon Dice: Well, as a producer, I think many people don’t know all the songs I’ve done. For example, “Si te vas” by Sech and Ozuna. That is one of my songs where I play the guitar. “DJ No Pare” is also one of the biggest songs I have with J Quiles, Zion, and Lennox. I can’t forget “Inolvidable” by Farruko because it was one of the first songs that opened the way for me. These are a few other big songs that are important to me. Of course, the latest one I released, “Mírate bien,” with Ryan Castro and J Quiles; I am very excited about that one.

Why do you think so many amazing artists are coming out of Colombia?

Symon Dice: Well, I think it’s due to two things. First, Colombia already had many important talents like Maluma, J Balvin, Karol G, and Manuel Turizo. They put Colombia on the map, and the world is paying attention. With that, they opened the door. Now, this new generation is taking advantage of social media to be able to reach the same people who followed the first wave of these Colombian talents. Fans constantly look for fresh music from new talent, and these new singers brought incredible talent, charisma, and flow. A few are going hard right now, like Ryan Castro and Blessd. But if you see other countries in Latin America, many haven’t had an international star or talent, and it’s been more difficult for them, unfortunately.

Let’s talk about one of your newest singles, “Mírate Bien.” What was the creation process, and what was it like collaborating with Justin Quiles and Ryan Castro?

Symon Dice: The truth is, I have more than 30 songs with J Quiles, and of those 30 songs, most have started with my guitar. Justin likes to work with me because we usually start with something acoustic. Then, we turn the song into a track and record it. That is exactly what happened with “Mírate Bien.” We carried out the same process, and once we began, it just flowed. The vibe remained high throughout the process; we did the intro and the chorus. Justin didn’t know that I already had an intention with that song. So, when I started collaborating with Ryan Castro, I recorded a couple of songs and told him, “look, I want this collab.” I wanted J Quiles and Ryan in a song and made it a reality. They both make great music and respect each other, so collaborating was natural.

Tell us about your other recently released, “Pelinegra” with Kaleb Di Masi, LATENIGHTJIGGY, and featuring Franco “El Gorilla”

Symon Dice: I am obsessed with engineering the perfect song. Every project I create is focused on fans enjoying good music, and I think “Pelinegra” does that well. It also shows appreciation for the beautiful women in our lives, which Kaleb Di Masi, LATENIGHTJIGGY, and Franco “El Gorilla,” agree on. We had a release party at MAD CLUB in Wynwood, and I was happy to see everyone dancing to another one of my songs.  “Pelinegra” is the ultimate reggaetón dance song to get down to, and I hope to see my fans dancing to it all year long.

What is it like being on the RichMusic talent roster? 

Symon Dice: With RichMusic, I have seen growth from the beginning. I’ve been able to communicate one-on-one with Rich and Josh — the founders of the label — and that’s pretty unheard of within a record label. I’m lucky enough to go directly to those top executives. I have that open access that allows me to communicate what I want, what I think, what I feel — and I have an almost immediate response. So that’s a big plus. 

I think that as time goes on, we continue learning and growing professionally together. RichMusic has achieved incredible things in recent years, especially with how they’ve developed artists like Dalex. We saw him from the beginning, and it’s impressive to see where he is now, successful, with incredible hit songs. RichMusic is now busy developing its next set of stars, including me. Remember, I’m transitioning from producer to artist — so I love that we work so well together as one team. 

Is there new music or projects coming soon?

Symon Dice: This year is full of many projects. I’m releasing an EP in the fall with various artists, which I know people will like a lot. Apart from my external collaborations, I’m pumping out a lot of music. Come to think about it, there are about 15 songs I have prepared for the rest of the year. That’s enough to get people to vibe out and enjoy themselves. That alone makes me happy. As you all wait for the heat to drop, stay up to date with me via my Tik Tok & IG, @SymonDice.

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