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The Great Resignation BELatina Latinx

What Could the ‘Great Resignation’ Mean for the American Dream?

The past year brought on a massive reckoning that has become a catalyst for many workers to reevaluate their lives, especially their careers. If...
The American Dream Is Over BeLatina Latinx

The American Dream Remains Far-fetched for U.S. Students

The American Dream is not a new notion, quite the contrary. Many of us have been hearing about the American Dream since we were...
Freedom Tower LGBTQ Flag Colors

The Reality of the American Dream: Flight to Freedom

BELatina’s Student Corner Series - Ana Laura Escandell is a student of the Miami Dade College - Eduardo Padrón Campus The following essay first appeared in...
¡Americano! Musical BELatina Latinx

‘¡Americano!,’ an Off-Broadway Musical by and for DACA Dreamers

They say that life inspires art, and real-life experiences can often give birth to the most impactful and beautiful works of creative genius. Perhaps...
cannabric BELatina

Green Dreams: A Coversation With Monika Brümmer, the Visionary Designer of Earth-Friendly, Hemp-Based ‘Cannabric’...

If Monika Brümmer had been admitted to the department of fashion design at the renowned Universität der Künste (University of Fine Arts) in Berlin,...
DACA Dreamers BELatina Latinx

Ten Years After DACA Was Launched, Dreamers Are a Force To Be Reckoned With

With the political change in the U.S. over the past few years, in addition to the pandemic hiatus, people seem to have forgotten about...
Carmen Herrera BELatina Latinx

Farewell to Carmen Herrera: The Influential Cuban-American Artist Passed Away at 106 Years Old

Carmen Herrera was a testament in the flesh that the expression "it's never too late" applies to all walks of life. The Cuban-American artist,...
American LGBTQ+ Museum BELatina Latinx

Ben Garcia Becomes the New Executive Director of the American LGBTQ+ Museum

After years of obstacles to open new cultural and exhibition spaces that reflect the true diversity of American society, like the Museum of the...
Zaida Hernandez BELatina Latinx

Meet Zaida Hernandez, the Salvadoran-American Working at NASA

A few years ago, I was working at an all-girls elementary school as a teacher. During Halloween, I was asked to do a sort...
Juliet Menéndez Latinitas BELatina Latinx

Juliet Menéndez’s Bedtime Stories For Latinx Dreamers

Tired of seeing Latinas as mere historical footnotes, Juliet Menéndez decided to pick up her paintbrush in retaliation. The 34-year-old Guatemalan-American author and illustrator...
FNEI BeLatina Latinx

Making a Dream Come True, The Impact of Education in Latin America

The Latinx community living outside of their Latin American countries is particular about their habits. For one, our ethnocentrism becomes elevated to heights never...
La Marea BeLatina Latinx

‘La Marea,’ a Documentary on Life’s Small Things And The Mexican Dream

The first thing that came to mind when I finished watching La Marea, Miguel Novelo's new short film, was "Canción de las simples cosas."   Uno...