Remembering Sandro aka ‘Argentina’s Elvis’: The First Ever Latino to Perform at the Madison Square Garden 

Remembering Sandro aka ‘Argentina’s Elvis’: The First Ever Latino to Perform at the Madison Square Garden 

On April 11, 1970, Sandro took the stage at the iconic Madison Square Garden and made history as the first Latino artist to headline the famous venue. With a voice that purred every note perfectly, Sandro enchanted the audience – changing the music scene for the Latino community for generations to come.  

Sandro, born Roberto Sánchez Ocampo in Argentina, possessed a magnetic stage presence that drew comparisons to Elvis Presley. With his suave demeanor and soothing voice, Sandro effortlessly commanded the attention of the audience. His performance at Madison Square Garden showcased the full extent of his talent.  

Years later, his legacy lives on. If you pay close attention to the music your parents or grandparents used to blast on the weekends, you’ll notice that a few of Sandro’s iconic songs are in the mix. 

Other Important Events Followed Sandro on April 11th

While on stage, he performed timeless hits like “Rosa, Rosa” and “Quiero llenarme de ti.” He also debuted two new songs to reward his fans for getting him to Madison Square Garden. But what set this performance apart was its global reach – it was the first concert to be broadcast live and via satellite in 14 countries, reaching over 250 million viewers. 

The excitement surrounding Sandro’s performance was palpable both on stage and off. Hosted by the legendary Cacho Fontana, the concert was a complete success. Backstage, amidst the anticipation, Sandro prepared to make history once again. 

See, the significance of April 11, 1970, didn’t end there. While Sandro was serenading audiences at Madison Square Garden, another historic event was unfolding.  

On that same day, Circular Saturdays aired the overflow of the Apollo XIII mission, the rocket destined for the moon, from the John F. Kennedy Space Center. Scheduled for 7:15 pm, it coincided with Sandro’s performance at 8:30 pm. Many people were torn on what to watch that evening – and who could blame them?  

His Impact Was Grand 

Sandro had a very successful career. However, after years of heavy smoking, he died in 2009 due to emphysema.  

Nevertheless, he set the bar high for Latino/e musicians that one magical night. Since his performance, tens of Latino/e artists have performed at the Madison Square Garden. 

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