Afro-Latina Entrepreneur Gloria Malone Is Redefining Self-Love Through Wearable Affirmations

Afro-Latina Entrepreneur Gloria Malone Is Redefining Self-Love Through Wearable Affirmations

People often talk about the importance of loving and being kind to ourselves. Yet, as the world seemingly falls apart, sometimes it’s hard to adopt those practices. Truly, the self-love journey is probably one of the most mentally taxing tasks someone can take on. From trying to break away from societal pressures to cultural-related blockages, it can be a lot for one person to handle. The great news is that there are ways you can expedite this journey. One of those ways is by wearing things that serve as a reminder of how great you are. In fact, this is something Gloria Malone is accomplishing through her jewelry business. 

Gloria Malone, an Afro-Latina public speaker, entrepreneur, former BELatina contributor, and talented communicator, is breaking boundaries, one affirmation at a time. Born and raised in the vibrant tapestry of Dominican culture, Gloria carries her heritage proudly, channeling her passion for advocacy into empowering her community. In a recent conversation, Gloria opened up to BELatina News about her journey, her mission, and the history she’s making.  

Here’s what she had to say: 

Interview Highlights 

Interview has been condensed for clarity and brevity. 

Doing Whatever the F**K She Wants: The Gloria Malone Way 

Gloria’s journey is a testament to the power of authenticity and self-acceptance. “I do whatever the f**k my spirit says I need to do,” she declares. It’s this unapologetic attitude that has shaped her path, allowing her to overcome societal expectations and find her own definition of success. 

Reflecting on her earlier years, Gloria acknowledges the fear of failure that once held her back. “I was really stuck on failure, failure… and then I kind of started thinking and taking inventory and I was like, girl, you have failed so many times and no one has been like, ‘I remember that time you failed.’” With this realization, she embraced the freedom of doing things her way, unburdened by the unfounded fear of failure. 

Unveiling the Overlooked

One of Gloria’s missions is to shed light on the often-overlooked stories of Afro-Latine people. In mainstream media, the narratives of Afro-Latine individuals are frequently ignored or intentionally erased. Gloria, however, refuses to accept this erasure. She found her voice on social media, using the platform to share the rich history of Afro-Latine culture. Her storytelling not only educates but also empowers others to embrace their identity proudly. 

‘Wearable Affirmations’: The Birth of a Business

At the beginning of 2022, Gloria embarked on a new adventure: her own business, Wearable Affirmations. The idea was simple yet profound – to create jewelry that serves as daily affirmations, reminding individuals of their strength and self-worth. From necklaces declaring ‘Negra‘ to ‘Mujerón,’ each piece is a powerful statement, empowering the wearer and the community they represent. This allows anyone wearing them to tap into their unique power. 

Just For You 

Gloria’s ideal customer isn’t just someone seeking a piece of jewelry; it’s someone on a journey of self-discovery. “Someone who feels like they are really getting to know themselves and just wants that bow on top of who they are,” she explains.  

The Wearable Affirmations pieces aren’t just accessories; they’re symbols of self-love and acceptance, allowing wearers to carry their identity proudly. Also, don’t only get these pieces of jewelry for yourself – they make amazing gifts for anyone who needs to feel empowered. Think of how beautiful your grandmother, tía, or amiga would look in one of these. You can match too! 

Beyond Business: A Call to Action 

Gloria’s work extends far beyond entrepreneurship. It’s a call to action, urging us to embrace our identities, celebrate our cultures, and rewrite the narratives that have silenced the Latine for far too long. As she continues to empower her community through education, advocacy, and wearable affirmations, Gloria Malone’s business is a reminder that all our stories, our cultures, and our identities matter. 

Remember, the best way to support nuestra comunidad is by showing their art and talent love. So, make sure you head to Gloria’s shop and splurge like you would on a large retailer. This is a small Afro-Latina-owned business and deserves to get all the love.  

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