Salma Hayek Paid Tribute to Frida Kahlo When She Got on Stage with Madonna Over the Weekend

xSalma Hayek Paid Tribute to Frida Kahlo When She Got on Stage with Madonna Over the Weekend
Credit: Instagram/ @salmahayek

Madonna’s Celebration Tour is hitting all the right notes as it continues its journey around the globe. This time, the “Like a Virgin” singer made a stop in Mexico City, where she wowed fans by bringing none other than the Latina icon, Salma Hayek, onto the stage. As has become customary during her tour, Madonna invited her celebrity friends to help judge a “Vogue”-related competition among her dancers. 

Working her magic alongside Madonna, Hayek mesmerized the audience with her presence, sporting an outfit reminiscent of her iconic role as Frida Kahlo in the 2002 biopic. Adorned with Kahlo’s signature crown of flowers and dressed in a floral skirt paired with a Madonna-inspired bustier under a leather bolero, Hayek radiated glamour and style. During the competition, she enthusiastically held up her “10” flash cards and even received a playful spanking. Should we have expected anything less from a Madonna concert?  

Expressing her gratitude, Hayek took to Instagram to share her experience, posting pictures and videos from the memorable night. “Thank you so much @madonna for letting me be a part of your iconic Celebration Tour,” she wrote. “This unforgettable night goes in my bag of precious treasures. #VivaMexico #VivaMadonna” 

Madonna Continues to Be ‘THAT’ Girl

Hayek joins a prestigious lineup of celebrities who have graced Madonna’s stage during the Celebration Tour. Previous guests include Ricky Martin as well as Wendy Guevara. Each appearance shows the world how in tune Madonna continues to be with pop culture and with what resonates with diverse audiences.  

However, with the Celebration Tour in full swing since October, Madonna’s marathon of shows will soon come to an end, culminating in a grand finale on May 4 in Rio de Janeiro.  

Now fans are wondering who she will bring on stage in Brazil. Will it be Anitta? I guess we must all have to wait and find out. 

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