America Ferrera Has Always Been Seen by Latinas – And She Continues to Be an Icon Igniting Inspiration and Change

America Ferrera Has Always Been Seen by Latinas – And She Continues to Be an Icon Igniting Inspiration and Change
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At this year’s Critics Choice Awards, America Ferrera, a trailblazing force and Latina icon, was rightfully honored with the SeeHer Award. Like the powerful Latina that she is, Ferrera seized the spotlight to deliver a beautiful speech that stirred the souls of Latinas everywhere. 


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In her acceptance speech, Ferrera didn’t just bask in the glory of her well-deserved recognition. No, she went beyond it. She used her platform to address critical issues that have lingered in the shadows for far too long. The Honduran American actress passionately emphasized the paramount importance of representation for historically marginalized groups. Ferrera, an unwavering pioneer in the industry, called for an inclusive narrative that transcends race and gender, urging storytellers to get everyone’s story right. 

What stood out most in Ferrera’s compelling address was her assertion that storytelling’s true purpose lies in affirming one another’s full humanity. Her words were a moving commentary on the systemic injustice embedded in media for decades. Too often, mainstream media has perpetuated cookie-cutter narratives that failed to resonate with a diverse audience. Ferrera, with her perfectly crafted words, shed light on the censorship and erasure that occurs when these vital stories are overlooked. 

America Ferrera Has Touched Many Latina Hearts

Ferrera has been an inspiration to many, including myself. Growing up, I saw her break barriers in the industry, especially in Disney’s “Gotta Kick It Up,” where Latina actresses were finally given a rightful place on the screen. As a fellow dark-haired, Spanglish-speaking Latina, seeing someone like Ferrera on screen filled me with hope. It was a pivotal moment that sparked the realization that I, too, could be part of this narrative. 

As a first-generation Colombian immigrant, I initially felt like the arts and storytelling were spaces beyond my reach. The perceived luxury of pursuing a creative path seemed unattainable for someone from a low-income background. However, as I grew older, I learned that the real sacrifice is in showing up, being loud, and refusing to make myself small. This confidence to pursue my dreams stemmed from witnessing strong and fierce Latinas, like Ferrera, using their voices in these spaces. It brings me great joy to see her accomplish so many things.  

Ferrera’s speech at the Critics’ Choice Awards resonated deeply with me, evoking goosebumps and tears of joy. She embodies the voice that Latina millennials need to hear to keep pushing forward. She is the reason many of us feel empowered to voice our thoughts unapologetically. 

America Ferrera stands tall among other formidable Latina figures like Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana, Salma Hayek, and more. While progress has been made, Ferrera reminds us that the journey toward true representation is far from over. We owe her our utmost respect and love for being a trailblazer, and her impact will undoubtedly shape the careers of future Latinas who dare to dream beyond the limitations society may impose.  

America Ferrera, eres una reina. 

Her SeeHer Award Acceptance Speech

If you didn’t catch her speech, find part of the transcript below: 

“I’m deeply thankful to you for this acknowledgment and this honor. Receiving the SeeHer Award for my contributions to more authentic portrayals of women and girls couldn’t be more meaningful to me because I grew up as a first-generation Honduran American girl in love with TV, film, and theater who desperately wanted to be a part of a storytelling legacy that I could not see myself reflected in. 

Of course, I could feel myself in characters who were strong and complex, but these characters rarely, if ever, looked like me. I yearned to see people like myself on screen as full humans. When I started working over 20 years ago, that seemed impossible, I know. But it seemed impossible that anyone could make a career portraying fully dimensional Latina characters. 

But because of writers, directors, producers, and executives who were daring enough to rewrite outdated stories and to challenge deeply entrenched biases, I and some of my beloved Latina colleagues have been supremely blessed to bring to life some fierce and fantastic women. 

Because of that, we have had the chance to bring through some deeply layered Latina characters and characters that I could not have seen growing up. 

But now I can see her. And I see her expanding in the next generation of talent like my beloved Ariana Greenblatt, who plays my daughter in Barbie. And in Jenna Ortega, and in Selena Gomez, and in so many more out there. To me, this is the best and highest use of storytelling. To affirm one another’s full humanity. 

To uphold the truth that we are all worthy of being seen. Black, brown, indigenous, Asian, trans, disabled, any body type, any gender. We are all worthy of having our lives richly and authentically reflected. There have been so many people along my path who have truly seen me and who I would not be here without. 

So I have to thank Jody Picoff, Carrie Bylek, Kim Gillingham, Ali Trussman, and my wonderful team at CAA, and my incredible publicists, Molly Kawaci and Brianna Smith. I also know that I would not be standing here today now without Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig. Margot, where’d you go? Margot, you saw value in Barbie. 

An entirely female idea that most would have dismissed as too girly, too frivolous, or just too problematic. But you had the courage and the vision to take it on. Thank you for gifting the world with Barbie. And Greta, Greta, I can’t see you because the cameraman is standing right, and I can only see Ryan. There you are. 

Greta, thank you for proving through your incredible mastery as a filmmaker, that women’s stories have no difficulty achieving cinematic greatness and box office history at the same time. And that unabashedly telling female stories does not diminish your powers. 

It expands them. Greta, your mind, your talent, your heart have inspired us all. And thank you for asking me to be your Gloria. Thank you to our Kens, Noah Baumbach, Tom Ackerley, David Heyman, and Ryan Gosling for all being man enough to support women’s work. You are all brilliant and you are more than knuck. Thank you to Pam Abdi, Mike DeLuca, Robbie Brenner, and the wonderful teams at Warner Brothers and Mattel for all of your support. 

And thank you to my husband, my husband, Ryan, not Gosling, the other one. El esposo de Gloria, you see me and my dreams, and you believe and support them as if they were your own. I love you. This is for every kid yearning to break in. I see you and you got this. Thank you. Goodnight.” 

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